Top 8 Reasons Why You Need to Watch ‘The Blacklist’

‘The Blacklist’ has 5 series now and having watched all of them I can say with all excitement and enthusiasm that it’s simply brilliant and you need to start watching it as quick as you can. And here are 8 reasons, why I’m making such bold statements.

Top Amazing Reasons:

  1. James Spader as the Main Man

I can’t believe that James Spader is such a great fit for this role. He’s just brilliant! In this series, he plays a wanted criminal Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, who thinks about cooperating with FBI. He has a list that contains names of people, who have committed much worse crimes than he and he’s ready to share it with the FBI. Of course Red himself is a bad villain – liar, murderer, thief and just a selfish piece of garbage, but on the other hand, he’s handsome, witty, smarmy and has a cool collection of hats. Even though he has two sides to his personality, I bet you will end up liking him!

  1. Intriguing Plot

Red is only willing to cooperate with FBI via agent Elizabeth Keen, who is played by Megan Boone. Elizabeth knows nothing about Red and she has no idea why he has chosen her. That’s one hell of an intrigue!

  1. You’ll Keep Guessing

The number of twists and turns will make your head go round! Why exactly was Elizabeth chosen by Red? Is he connected to her in some way? When Elizabeth hears Red telling her to look what’s going on at her home we start to realize that this guy Tommy is not the one who he seems to be. And that leads us to… 

  1. Ryan James Eggold

Please welcome Ryan, who plays Elizabeth’s husband. I can tell you for sure that you’ll be surprised by that character.

  1. Weekly Guest Stars

Each week you will see the next guy or gal from Red’s blacklist. One week it’s a master decrypter, another it’s an evil chemical mastermind and so on. You can rest assured that all these people will be weird at what they do, which only makes the story the story better!

  1. Amazing Soundtrack

In every episode, you will hear a soundtrack that matches the scene perfectly. And it’s not just words – it’s really perfect.

  1. Dembe

Dembe is another interesting character. Played by Hisham Tawfiq, he’s the right hand of Red, who doesn’t say much and takes care of Red’s business.

  1. Conspiracies & Consequences

Every new episode will make you think that you’re starting to get the puzzle together…until some new piece of information enters the picture and makes you even more dazed and confused. The more you’re watching the show the more you understand that you know nothing. What’s Red’s game? Who is the Cabal? Why Elizabeth? Nothing’s what it seems!  

Believe me – you’ll love it!