Things to Remember When Ending a Relationship

Relationships can be hard. You meet a person and you fall in love. Sometimes, your love lasts through all your life, but more commonly the feelings fade and people have to break up. The latter is especially complicated. Perhaps, the other person still has a great affection for you.

What should you do in order not to harm your former partner?

It is also possible that you have the same group of friends, so you’ll have to continue seeing each other after the breakup. Here is a short guide to ending a relationship cleanly and pleasantly for everyone involved.

  1. Don’t be overly dramatic. Yes, relationships are wonderful and any breakup is a reason to buy yourself some ice-cream and watch sad movies. However, it is important to realize that parting with a romantic partner is a natural thing and does not mean the end of the world. Overreacting after a parting is especially common among young people who are experiencing these events for the first time in their lives. The feelings they go through are confusing and intense. This is why the most rational thing is to calm down and disengage.

  2. Focus on other aspects of your life. Life is so much more than romance. It is not particularly healthy to let your relationship consume your every thought. Consider your break up as an opportunity to pay attention to your career, education, or hobbies. Reconnect with friends or find new ones. You can call you family and see how they are doing.
  3. Respect your former partner’s feelings. Whether it was your decision or not, being respectful towards what your former partner is going through is the key. If your ex says that he/she needs time or distance, be patient and understanding. If your partner needs to discuss what happened, support this idea. Perhaps you’ll find out what went wrong and will be able to use this information in future. However, remember that this rule goes both ways and your feelings are valid too. Don’t let anyone abuse your good nature.
  4. Take care of your physical needs. Falling apart after a break up never did anyone any good. Sleep regularly. Eat good food. If you can manage, try to exercise every day. This will allow you to keep your body in a good condition even if your mind is in a disarray.
  5. If everything else fails, reach out for help. There is no shame in being emotional or needing help. If you feel like you cannot handle the pressure, ask you friends and family for help. Sometimes, the help of a trained professional might be in order. Many colleges have Ministries and counseling services, which you can address.

A break up can feel like the end of all things. However, you should see it as a new beginning. Use this difficult time to rediscover who you are and find your purpose.