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Every student has written a research paper in their life

Research paper is an important document in academic career. As the name suggests, one needs to draft a research paper after extensive research. One needs to understand the problem or the topic that is given to them. Based on the research topic, one needs to dedicate several hours collecting and organizing relevant reference material and then draft a research paper.

A research paper has a specified format. It must have a research paper introduction, main body and conclusion. Research paper introduction refers to the first paragraph that provides the background about the research paper topic. A thesis statement is a vital element of a research paper introduction. It speaks about the purpose and outcome of the research. Students need to write a research paper at different academic levels. As the academic levels progress, the complexity of these papers increases. Irrespective of the academic level or the complexity; it is mandatory to follow a research paper format.

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The best way to write an effective research paper introduction is to follow an inverted pyramid. You must place the general information about the topic at the start of the introduction and keep the specifics towards the end of the introduction. Inverted pyramid is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a good flow of the information.

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Generally research paper introduction is just a paragraph however several formal topics or complex topics may require two to three paragraphs as research paper introduction. One must be careful about what they want to mention in the research paper introduction. They must broadly introduce the topic and give the background about research. One must cautiously avoid mentioning any methodology or research findings in the introductory paragraph. Details regarding the research should be described in the main body of the essay whereas the research findings should be explained in the conclusion or summary of the research paper.

Another important point to keep in mind about introductory paragraphs is that one should not disclose any new information in it. Findings and new information should be stored in main body of the paper. Your introduction should be such that it provokes the readers to delve deeper into the paper. Introduction should be crisp and clear. It should provide background info about the research. One must also pay attention to formatting of research papers. Formatting helps in adding a professional touch to the research papers. If you are short of time or ideas for your research papers, just visit and we will draft a custom written paper for you. We are your partners in success. Let lead you to academic success.

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