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Great Research Paper Outlines

What are research paper outlines?

Well, research paper outlines are the foundations for writing great research papers and should be strictly followed when doing the research papers. Usually, good research paper outlines are divided into two parts.

The first parts would be drawing the outlines where the main ideas of the research papers would be broke into wide sub-topics, also known as the first tier sub-topics. The first tier sub-topics would then be further broke into smaller sub-topics or second tier sub-topics. The purpose of doing such outlining work is to present the ideas in a more neatly manner.

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At this stage, you will be deciding how large is the scope of your topic would be. If you realized that you have more than three second tier sub-topics for each first tier sub-topics, then, maybe you should consider reworking your research paper outlines. There is even the possibility of reworking your main topic for your research paper if such situation arose even after refining the outlines. When you finish with the first parts of the research papers outlines, then, you will move on to drafting the research paper.

Based on the draft, you will have to decide whether all the points are enough to be used in the first and second tiers sub-topics. There is the possibility of finding yourself in a situation of either having too many ideas or too little points for the whole research paper. Whichever cases it may be, you have to revise your research paper so that there is enough information to be covered. The revised research paper outlines will be used to finalize your research papers.

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