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Research Paper Proposal

Students are required to put up a research paper proposal for writing a reference project. These procedures are characteristic of certain departments in any educational institute.

Research Paper Proposal may be submitted for various reasons

This may be asked by professors of educational institutes. This may be required to be submitted with request for funding for a proposed research in an industry or service related company. There are several organisations that demand research paper proposals to grant funds. In such instances, research paper proposal becomes a grant proposal.

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Sometimes, an individual may like to carry out an unconventional research that may be unusual and somewhat unsafe. There again, it becomes imperative to submit a research paper proposal so that the sponsoring university might be able to ascertain its necessity and outcome.

Every type of research paper proposal has certain aspects in common. It should contain information about the background of the applying student. It should specify reasons for carrying out the proposed research. It should also include information about the subject and its background.

Sometimes, university concerned or the sponsoring authorities ask for inclusion of methodology. If any experiment or field study is required, reasons and the manner in which the process is to be carried out, are to be described. If the research requires some personalities to be interviewed, the details are to be provided.

Such research paper proposals are a way to obtain funding. However, these proposals are not similar to grant proposals. Generally, grant proposals ask for future utility of the research and its importance. Research paper proposal does not require such formalities. Only a desire to carry out a research is enough to obtain acceptance.

However, research paper proposal must clearly elucidate its objective. It shall increase the probability of acceptance. You must be clear on every point of proceedings. This shall inculcate confidence in the sponsors. It shall provide you with a path finding compass to gather information relevant to the subject of research. Making, shaping and completing a research paper proposal shall prepare you to face an interview which might follow the submission of research paper proposal. Writing a complete research paper would also become much easier.

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