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Research Paper References

Authentic, credible and accurate research paper references enhance quality of a research paper. Authentic referencesare found in established journals, periodicals and bona fide internet sites. Credible referenceshave linkage with known and reputed authors. Reliable research paper references are those which are being universally accepted.

Several types of assignments are submitted regularly in schools, colleges and universities such as essay, term paper, research paper, dissertation, case study, book review etc. There are certain aspects regarding structuring which are almost common in all such written assignments. These are introduction, body part, conclusion and citation with referencing. At a higher level, some more necessities are included such as methodology and results. Research paper references are an integral part of all papers.

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Quality research paper references make a distinctive co-relation between your opinion and factual information. A proven approach is to write a detailed outline, collect authentic, reliable and creditable information corroborated with research paper references and then write a thesis. This way, you shall never be at a loss for the dearth of authentic and reliable references.

These days, wiki sites such as Wikipedia have become a synonym for encyclopaedias and a source of exhaustive index for research paper references. Wiki sites are a good place for enriching your basics but not for writing the actual research paper. The texts provided in wiki sites are seldom authenticated by reliable and credible source. However, wiki sites are the best place to start for students of school, college and even university level. Here you shall get innumerable hyperlinks along the texts and references at the end of the text material that are authentic and reliable research paper references.

You must have been taught in your classes and provided with guideline sheets from your institute on the manner in which research paper references are to be incorporated. To refresh your memory, citations are provided in bracket by the side of the relevant texts and the research paper references are laid down in the reference sheet at the end of your research paper. The citation comprises of the name of author with year of publication. The references given at the end of a paper comprise of name of author, date of publication, title of the article, name of the book or journal and the registered copy righted name of the publisher.

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