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Research paper template

Most students are at a loss in deciding a systematic structure for presenting their writing assignments. Some assignments are long, some are short. It very much depends upon the level of education. For example, a school essay may require a maximum of 250 to 400 words to complete. A university level essay may be as long as 1000 words. Some essays have a simple structure of introduction, body text and a conclusion. High level essays may require citation and referencing and sometimes methodology and bibliography. The answer to all such uncertainties is research paper templates.

Research paper templates have been designed to suit different spectrum of educational disciplines

A history based template shall be different from a Physics related template. Research paper templates provide a basic structure or outline for presenting the document. These templates provide a skeleton in which the writer has to graft flesh, muscles and arteries. It is like a canvas with outline or sketch, ready to be filled with color and shades.

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Research paper templates have the same standard structure which a student can begin mastering from early school level. It may, however, change a little to accommodate more advanced and complicated level of research. It basically comprise of an introduction, body part and conclusion. Some research paper templates are enriched with a title page, TOC (table of content), abstract, reference page and an appendix. This solely depends on the discretion of the concerned professor.

Primarily, research paper templates provide one paragraph long page for introduction. Here, the writer is expected to lay down background information on the topic and term of references. Thesis is also written in this page. This thesis is supposed to be one sentence long and is positioned in the beginning or at the end of introduction paragraph.

Body part is the second section. It is three to five paragraphs long. Each paragraph contains new ideas or information but all paragraphs should look to be textually linked to each other and the flow of writing should be fluent.

The final section of research paper templates is the concluding paragraph. It recaps all the information and views discussed in the body part and stated in the introduction. Conclusion supports the thesis statement and is value added with author's own opinion.

Research paper templates are not dissertation templates. Dissertation templates have larger body. It also contains acknowledgement and methodology sections. Both research paper templates and dissertation templates are weapons of best writing practices ready to deserve great grades and high appreciations.

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