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Research term papers

Many students are required to complete a term paper to bring their course project to a close

It is normally the case that such documents are detailed, lengthy texts with the student required to examine and analyze a specific theme relevant to the study area of the course.

Usually these term papers take the form of research term papers where the main challenge for the student is to collect and assess existing respected opinion on their selected subject. A research term paper differs from other academic texts insofar as the student is expected to uncover and analyze existing information on the subject, instead of providing their own opinions or theory. There are some types of writing requirements where the student is expected to present their own individualistic opinions on a subject but, in the case of research term papers, students are expected to study, analyze and comment on the works of others.

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By design, research term papers require the student to undertake a large amount of research. Knowing this, the student can expect to put more time, and probably more effort, into researching their work than producing the research term paper. He/she needs to identify and examine the best sources of information to produce high quality research in their field. While a course tutor may provide resource leads, it is often happens that students need to uncover their own useful sources. Research librarians are a renown means for uncovering information.

They often advise on the best means to set students on their journey of discovery. It is likely that initial searches will focus on resources such as the library's own online databases. Of the many useful online resources, most of them are only accessible via a library database. While the Internet is an option, only sites recommended by an academic or other respected authority, are reliable.

Once the research work is finished, it is recommended that the student devise a structure for their research term paper, around which they can document their findings. The initial outline does not need much detail, just a rough guide on how the results will be organized. For example, all references to similar topics, or themes which convey the same idea, should be kept together. The overall structure of the paper should allow the student to develop their thoughts from a general to a specific aspect.

With this structure in place, the student can write their detailed paper, maintaining a proportionate view of their findings vs their analysis. It is recommended that, in each area of the research term paper, the student places more emphasis on analysis to reflect their interpretation of the findings rather than the findings themselves.

It is important that a research term paper is precise and accurate. Writers need to be cautious when acknowledging or citing their sources. A reference or a works cited page at the end is a good way of accommodating this.

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