Significance of Patriot Day 2017

Very often people confuse Patriot’s Day and Patriot Day, but they are absolutely different holidays with different messages to the nation. Let’s make the differences between them clear once and forever. Patriot’s or Patriots’ Day is an official holiday, which commemorates the anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution. This holiday is celebrated in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and other states of America on April 19 to commemorate War Lexington and Concord Battles of the American Revolution War. Patriot Day, or National Day of Service and Remembrance, is organized in commemoration of killed and injured people in the result of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

History of the Patriot Day

September 11 remains in the memory of all Americans and people around the world as a day of horrible terroristic attacks in the USA, which took lives of 2,977 people and horrified all inhabitants of America and world. That day hijackers took control over four jet planes. Three of them rushed into World Trade skyscrapers in New York and the Pentagon in Arlington. The fourth aimed to make harm in Washington DC, but its passengers behaved bravely and redirected it into the field in Pennsylvania, where it crashed.

Results of the Attacks

Besides numerous personal tragedies, which led to the world mourning, the event made a lot of economic harm to the country, threatened its national security and deteriorated its relationships with Islamic countries. American, international and Muslim responses followed the event immediately, but they did not prevent the increase of domestic reactions and the commitment of hate crimes against Muslims in the USA and in the world. After sad events Americans reconsidered the purposes of their lives and started to spend more time with families, attend churches more often and fly flags to demonstrate their spirit of patriotism.   

The Traditions of Patriot Day

Patriot Day is not a federal day, so people’s ordinary life routine flows mainly in its way. Those, who want to pray for victims can have some minutes out of work, but not for a long. In the morning majority of Americans fly half-staffed flags and observe a minute of silence at 8.46 a.m. This is the time, when the first plan destroyed the Twin Tower in New York together with thousands of people’s destinies. 

September 11 remains to be a sad page in the USA history. However, it did not ruin the confidence and majesty of the country. On the contrary, it taught to love family and motherland with bigger passion and devotedness. It made the USA to fortify its army and security, renew and even raise the economy, and convince its population in the safety of tomorrow in practice.