Signs You Are Genius

The level of intelligence is determined not by intellect, but rather by the rate of mastering knowledge and skills, the speed of adaptation and learning. In most cases, for a qualitative definition of the IQ, a person needs to undergo a series of professional tests. Recent studies simplify this task. They derive a number of signs, accompanying high IQ. Therefore, if at least one of the following things concerns you, then, perhaps, you are smarter than you think.


Signs of an Intelligent Person

  1. You Started Reading Early

Researchers from Britain analyzed the data of 2 thousand pairs of identical twins. The genetic code of such twins is similar. Nevertheless, those, who began to read at earlier age, later turned out to be smarter than their brothers or sisters.

People who learned to read early, as a rule, have a high level of intellect. However, the cause-and-effect is not obvious at all. Therefore, some researchers believe that children begin to read earlier not because they are clever from birth. On the contrary, reading makes children smarter.

  1. You are Left-Handed

A number of conducted research proves the fact that there is an inexplicable relationship between left-handedness and the level of intelligence. Left-handers are more prone to divergent behavior (especially men), and they have a higher level of intellect.

  1. You Were Engaged in Music in the Childhood

Many studies indicate that learning music can improve verbal skills, train self-control and the ability to focus on something. Here are results of an interesting test: 48 children aged four to six studied the arts. One part of the group took music lessons every day for a month, the second - studied painting. A month later, 90% of children who studied music showed a marked increase in the level of verbal IQ.

  1. You Are Witty

Studies show that people who like funny jokes are cleverer than people without sense of humor. If at school, you made laugh everyone around you and the teachers were angry, this was a sign that you are really smart.

  1. You Know More than One Language

Studies suggest that knowing more than one language can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease emergence. It also affects the development and effectiveness of the brain: the more languages you know, the more efficiently works your brain.

  1. You Are the Oldest Child in the Family

The recent study has shown that older children receive three points more in IQ tests than their younger brothers and sisters. This is not due to genetics but to family relations.

  1. You Like Cats More Than Dogs

Cat lovers are less sociable than dog lovers are, but the study suggests that those people who prefer cats receive more points in the tests on the intelligence and personality qualities (600 students took part in the study).

  1. You Are not Averse to Drinking Alcohol

A number of studies link a high level of intellect with a tendency to drink more alcohol than most people. According to the results of the research conducted in 2013, university graduates begin to consume more alcohol as they grow up, in comparison with those who did not study at universities.

  1. You Graduated from the College

Many people are studying in colleges, but not all of them can get a degree.

  1. You Worry A Lot

According to the results of the study, students who are worried more than others receive more points in verbal intelligence tests.

  1. You Doubt that You Are Smart

A healthy ability to doubt yourself can say that you are smart. As Socrates said, "I know that I do not know anything." This is the Dunning-Krueger effect when clever people are not self-confident, they tend to consider others more competent.

  1. You Do Not Smoke

In 2010, scientists from Israel compared results of IQ test of 20,000 smokers and people without bad habits. The results were as follows: among smokers between the ages of 18 and 21 averaged IQ is 94 points and non-smokers have 101points. Those people who smoked about a pack a day had an average IQ of 90 points. In families with twins, a non-smoking brother or sister was smarter.

  1. You Were Breast-Fed

The children who were breastfed turned out to be much smarter than those who were eating infant milk because, during breastfeeding, a special mechanism of the metabolism of fatty acids is established, which affects the development of the brain. Of course, research in this field is ongoing to this day, but the approximate answer is obvious.

  1. You Have Insomnia

If you are struggling with insomnia or just sleeping little, remember that bad sleep is associated with a high level of IQ: the higher the intelligence, the less the number of hours you sleep. Other studies show that those people who prefer to go to bed late have a higher level of intellect.

  1. You Make Risky Solutions

Finnish scientists describe the correlation between the risky behavior of adults, as well as better decision-making skills. The results also showed that people who took quicker, more risky decisions during the tests had more white matter in the brain, which is traditionally associated with cognitive function.

  1. You Trust People

According to an Oxford University study, there is a positive correlation between high IQ and trust in others. The reason lies in the fact that smart people can notice the traits of the character of others better. People with a higher level of intelligence are more insightful in difficult situations; they evaluate the behavior of others more correctly.

  1. You Lie

Studies have proved that a lie requires more efficient activity from the brain that means that the memory-related parts of the brain are usually more advanced in people who are often lying.

Of course, all these signs are hypothetical, and if you are not left-handed or do not know many languages, this does not mean that you cannot be smart. Perhaps these facts are related to the intelligence, but in fact, only you and the constant work on yourself can improve your knowledge and skills.