Track Your Custom Writing by Dint of SMS Notifications

What is the main difference between an unsatisfied client and a happy customer? The discontented client receives low-quality orders, encounters awful delivery delays, and often fails to track the order (and it always seems to be “lost somewhere”). On the contrary, a satisfied client gains confidence that his order is being handled properly, that the delivery will be on time, and that he will be notified about the order placement and completion in advance. goes the extra mile to make you the happiest customer, as our team never shows indifference. By letting you track your custom writing, we reflect superb customer care and professionalism. You can choose all the available options to know the stages of your order implementation. In any case, you are always notified via email concerning the status of your order. However, it is even more beneficial to choose an additional option of SMS notification.

Why Is It Helpful to Obtain SMS when Everyone Uses the Internet?

In the modern world, timeliness and operating speed are highly valued, as it is often too complicated to cope with all the routine tasks in a day. It can be said that by sending SMS notifications, we facilitate the broadcasting of the essential information you have been waiting to receive. At times, your writing order is extremely urgent, so you will be relieved to get a notification about its writing stage or completion at any time. SMS notification has proven to be more effective that the usual mail or phone call, as you might not always have proper Internet coverage. So, even if we send an e-mail about your order on time, you may receive it later (and you might be already worrying about it, not knowing about the progress). In contrast, you may be successfully notified via SMS that your order has been completed, even when riding a subway.

SMS Notifications Sent from are Never Irrelevant!

This is the most convenient option of your order tracking, asit always reflects the relevance of the message regarding a subsequent writing stage. We never send you an unnecessary and bothersome information, such as some advertisements. We are focused only on all the advantages you can make out owing to our cooperation. For instance, you will receive an SMS when your order is verified, when your personal writer is assigned, when your text is under the Editing Department’s control, and when it is completed. The only promotional feature that plays to your benefit is brief reminders of the possible discounts and your individual bonuses.

Everything you need to do to start getting useful SMS Notifications is to specify a phone number you are currently using. Become our happy client who values succinctness, timeliness, and relevance!

SMS Notifications Benefits of the Advanced Cooperation

If you chose the SMS feature that allows you to track your custom writing, you will get the veritable advantages:

  • The messages about our clients’ orders always specify the exact status of the written composition handled by our professional writers, editors, and revisers. You can be in any corner of the globe, but it does not serve as an impediment. Your order status SMS will reach you anywhere. While the Internet connection is usually stable globally, there are always some places with low coverage. In certain instances, even Wi-Fi in big cities does not work well or appears to be not free of charge. An option of SMS notification relieves you from the pressure to be online all the time.
  • SMS notification reflects the exact point, so it is never an extensive newsletter or an explanation letter. You do not need to address us directly about the status of your research paper via email, as the required information will be highlighted in a short message. You can use emailing when you have other special inquiries.
  • When adding the SMS feature, we were thinking about diversity of our clients, their probable interests and preferences. It means that, despite the global Internet involvement, not everyone spends much time online, as this habit is actually deemed addictive, and more and more self-conscious individuals are reducing their screen time nowadays. We understand that it is useless and tiresome to check your emails lots of times a day, when waiting for only one important message. This important message will come to you on its own!
  • If you are a regular Internet user (just because your job or studying process demands your constant presence on the web), you need a necessary rest. Even when you go to the cafeteria or decide to do some exercise, you may miss a long-awaited email about your order status. Well, you will always be informed on time if you choose our VIP SMS option!
  • SMS Notification saves your smartphone battery life! Although a Power Bank is a must-have device, not everyone takes it to the university or to work. Hence, a low battery is a problem every modern person encounters. Logically, when you turn your Cellular Data off, you will not receive incoming emails. However, you will still receive an SMS notification!

Features of SMS Notifications at

There are the ensuing types of SMS notifications you will receive as our VIP client:

  1. You are notified when your payment is confirmed.
  2. You get an SMS when our newly assigned writer starts working on your order.
  3. When the main writing stage is completed, you will know that the order is sent to our Editing team.
  4. SMS is sent to you if the order deadline has been changed.
  5. You will be notified when the order is completed and you are free to download the final paper from the system.

SMS notifications we generate are more essential than it may initially seem. After you opt to receive these cellular messages, you will grasp all the benefits of our cooperation and genuine customer-centered approach! Each new returning client is a great reward for us!

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