Something Useful About Fear

People are used to perceiving fear as an inconvenience. We often call a person who is afraid of something as a “fraidy-cat”. We consider bravery as an advantage and cowardice as a disadvantage, although, the truth is that fear is an important feeling in our lives.

Fear and Protection

The main purpose of fear is to guard a person against danger. The nature created us to be fearful beings in order to protect us from doing stupid things. For example, we will never enter the cage of a wild animal or jump off a high building because of fear. This way the feeling prevents us from being eaten or falling from the edge. This kind of fear is not bad. On the contrary, it keeps us safe.

Fear and Hindrance

Sometimes we experience fear even if there is no danger to our lives. In such case, it is not a defense mechanism, but the hindrance that often prevents people from reaching their potential. For example, many of us are afraid of public speaking. Although we realize that we are in a safe situation, the fear paralyzes us and makes us want to run away. This way fear is not protecting us. Instead, it keeps us away from doing something worthy.

How to Overcome Your Fear?

The second type of fear is an obstacle on your way to success. So, it is reasonable to deal with it, face, and overcome it.

  1. Perceive fear as a disadvantage that spoils your life. Remember that it is not your inborn quality. So, it can be erased from your life. Now, it is the time to pluck up the courage and face your phobia.
  2. Do not avoid situations that cause fear. In order to overcome it, you should face your fear and do everything possible to fight the feeling. For instance, if you have a phobia of public speaking, challenge yourself and try a role of a speaker. When you do it despite your fear, you will certainly be proud of yourself.
  3. Remember that there is always a reward for overcoming your phobia. You will see how many people who are aware of you fear will encourage and congratulate you.  You will also inspire others who have the same phobia.

It is natural to experience fear when you find yourself in danger. On the other hand, being scared in a completely safe situation usually prevents people from gaining success. Use these tips for overcoming your phobias and enjoy the life full of new possibilities!