Stop Playing Truant!

My happy memories of college are those of having so much spare time. In high school it was different. The most surprising thing though is that many students still do not attend all classes preferring not to get up early or stay up late. This article is here to warn you against skipping the lessons as it might be not so good for your performance and attitude eventually.

Attendance is still taken by a great number of professors

Whatever one might think, but a lot of professors at college still record the presence. The techniques vary depending on the size of classes. In some classes, students may be asked to raise their hands when their names are called out. If a class is large, students may be asked to fill in an attendance sheet. Some professors give bonuses to those students who have not missed many lectures. As a rule, it is not announced when the term starts, so students are really surprised to learn that when the term is over and it is time to get results, some of them may find their grades lower because of their truant. The ways of taking class attendance are different and professors are always alert.

You might be left without professors’ support if you skip classes

If you want to be successful in study, you should demonstrate it to the teachers. You may talk to them face to face or call them if you have some questions unanswered. The main objective of the job of a teacher is to teach you the material and be sure you have learned it properly. The main objective of your job as a student is to attend school and learn. It is a kind of deal. Thus, if you are not liable, it is not reasonable to expect teachers to meet their liabilities. The teacher will help in any case, but if you are the one who is rarely present in their class, they will do it with less enthusiasm. And again, the teachers somehow perfectly know who is always present in the auditorium and whose face they see from time to time.    

You might find yourself without your classmates’ help

Nowadays thanks to social networking sites and other modern technology advantages communication with classmates is not a problem. You may find their help or even advice valuable as you are studying the same subjects. It is not a problem to explain something to your friend that he or she has not understood well in class or if he has missed a lesson because of a serious reason. But if you are asked to help by someone who is too lazy or irresponsible to attend classes, you will not likely want to share the knowledge you have gained with your own efforts.  

Going to high school requires your mature attitude and responsibility as your parents are not there to wake you up and make you go to classes. It is up to you to decide which path to opt for.