Taking Good Notes: Successful Tips for Students

While being a student, it is important to bear in mind that taking lecture notes is crucial in order to perform well on exams. As long as you have learned how to effectively take notes, you will be able to produce great material to review before exams. Moreover, this essential skill will do you good in the future. Considering the fact that our memory fades fast, by learning how to take notes, we create a habit of writing down what we want to remember.

What advice can help to gain good study skills? Read the following study tips for college students to get the answers.

Become a Good Listener

Taking notes is really what matters. However, listening is even more important since you can’t write with the same speed as the lecturer talks. It is simply impossible. Thus, it is very important to listen, pay attention to details, and concentrate on the topic so that you can easily write down what is really needed. Don’t be shy to ask clarifying questions when some points are confusing or missed.

Create your Personal Note-taking Method

Unfortunately, there is no algorithm that is suitable for every student when it comes to taking lecture notes. However, it is not that hard to develop your own method. Only some factors are indispensable: start every lecture on a new page, leave spaces for adding further comments, don’t write full sentences, highlight important concepts, and jot down unfamiliar vocabulary.

Besides, pay attention to examples and try using them along with the lists of things that have been discussed. Definitions are also a part of good notes since you may need to explain them during exams.

Don’t Forget Reviewing and Editing

One of the most important parts of note taking is reviewing and editing the material you have written in order to increase your learning capacity. The first 24 hours are extremely crucial to review. I’m sure there will be plenty of mistakes that should be corrected instead of forgotten and later left illegible or senseless to comprehend. It is also advisable to read the textbook and add missing details in the left spaces. Furthermore, it can be useful to rewrite some of your notes in order to understand them better.

If you really want to enhance your learning abilities, you should consider gaining the skill of note taking, which is the key to your college success. Since many students struggle because of difficulties they have faced during the transition to college, it is crucial to understand the importance of lecture notes.

As a successful student, you need to learn how to analyze, think rapidly, and record your observations. Take into account the fact that note taking facilitates learning. Being engaged in class lecture activities helps a student to study effectively. Therefore, get rid of stress, follow the mentioned above tips, and succeed when it comes to studying for and taking exams.