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8 Best Things About October

Do you feel the smell right now? This is the smell of pumpkin spice, sporting events, candies, and Halloween. Let's see what the main highlights of the upcoming month are to keep in mind the best ways to enjoy everything about October!

Perfect resons to love October

No 8 – Autumn’s Arrival. Even though the beginning of calendar autumn is in September, Mother Nature does not truly reveal this beautiful season until October. In this month, we see how the scenery outside the window begins to change from green to red and yellow. The sun rises a bit later and goes down earlier. It rains more often. Enjoy these days, as there is nothing like them in the world.

No. 7 - Football Season Begins. In case you are a football fan, you know that it means excessive cheering for your team, betting and having a lot of fun. Football is literally everywhere in October. So whether you like it or not, it is going to be around for the next several months, so you better be ready.

No. 6 - National Seafood Month. If you think that this is only about eating seafood, you are wrong. It is also about raising awareness. Did you know that as a result of overfishing, seafood becomes more and more endangered? Did you know that about 70-90 percent of the fish we know and like to eat are disappearing due to illegal overfishing all around the world? Whether you have heard about it or not, it is time to educate yourself!

No. 5 - Fall Beer. The taste of autumn beers is priceless. So be sure to make a visit to a local brewery in October and try some of the special beers. Then buy a pack of the kind you liked the most to enjoy it with your family or friends. And if you are a real fan of beer, you certainly know about Oktoberfest celebrations held in many cities!

No 4 – Halloween! The day when you pretend to be someone else. The day when you are allowed to take candies from strangers. The day when you can reveal your true nature through the costume you choose. Is there a better day in the year?

No. 3 - Pumpkin Spiced Stuff. Everything is pumpkin spiced in October – from lattes to ice creams, from pies to hamburgers. And it seems that the whole month of October is a preparation for Thanksgiving because you eat more every day. And it is fine because it is getting colder and your body requires more calories.  

No. 2 – WarmFilms. In October, you have a chance to see all these great films that give you food for thought. Be sure to rewatch your favorite movies and go to the cinema for new premieres.

No. 1 - Baseball Playoffs. If you are not a fan of football, you might like basketball. In this case, you will enjoy October, as well. Watch basketball heroes rising and have fun!