The Best 10 Movies You Should Watch At Least Once

Chances are not once, but an indefinite number of times, depending on how deep these movies will influence your soul. The thing is that all these movies ended up being on the list not accidentally, but due to their outstanding ability to move the hidden strings of human soul and psyche.

These are not just entertainment pictures that you will forget in a couple of weeks after you watch them, but thoughtful masterpieces of cinematography which have all the chances to remain in your memory for years, decades and maybe even your whole life. 

All of us have certain preferences when it comes to genres. Some people prefer comedies and thrillers but can’t stand horror movies, while others watch only horror movies and can’t stand romantic comedies. While we’re all different and I offer you to look at the list below with an opened mind and give each of these movies at least one chance. Who knows, maybe some of them will end up as your all-time favorites.

List of Top Movies You Can't Miss

  1. Schindler’s List. That’s not a movie that you will need popcorn for. Having a couple of napkins by your side will be more appropriate because ‘Schindler’s List’ is a real tearjerker. After all, a movie about the horrors of Holocaust can’t be taken lightly. In this movie, you will get acquainted with Oskar Schindler, the man who saved 1,200 Jews from Nazis. Although the movie is difficult to watch, it shows our history and reminds us about the things that we should never create or participate in again.   
  2. The Shawshank Redemption. This is one of the best screenings of movies based on Stephen King’s novels and its rating on International Movie Data Base proves it. Among tens of thousands of movies on IMDB ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ has the highest rating, making it the number one movie ever according to the votes of viewers. This film shows the story of a man who spends 19 years in jail and you never know if he’s guilty or not until the end of the movie. I would say this movie is more about life than just a simple thriller.
  3. Sling Blade. The story of a mentally disabled man, Karl Childers who is released from the mental hospital where he spent most of his life as a murder of his mom together with her lover. The film shows the way he uncovers the outside world that has been unknown to him before. There he meets a little boy, whom he befriends and learns to love. A very heartwarming movie with a satisfying end and a couple of interesting twists.  
  4. Rain Man. Even if you haven’t seen this movie before you should have heard its name. The main focus of the movie is on Charlie Babbitt, who is an inappropriately greedy car dealer. One day he learns that his father died and according to his will gave almost nothing to Charlie. Surprisingly, Charlie also learns that his father left $3 million dollars to autistic brother Raymond, whom he never heard anything about. Get ready that during this movie you will start to hate Tom Cruise. Good news is that he will get his redemption in the end.
  5. Dead Poets Society. A must-see for every fan of Robin Williams. It’s a pity that he didn’t get an Academy Award for ‘Dead Poets Society’ because he totally deserves it. This movie is about an English teacher at an all-boys school. This man, named John Keating, tries to plant insightful ideas in the minds of his students but his teachings lead to unexpected consequences. Just like with ‘Schindler’s List’ you will need a couple of napkins because this movie is also a tearjerker. 
  6. Forrest Gump. I envy you if you still haven’t seen ‘Forrest Gump’, because if that’s the case with you than you can see and experience it for the first time and live the amazing life that Forrest Gump had. It’s an unforgettable movie about life with lots of quotable lines, fantastic scenes and many things to think about. ‘Forrest Gump’ has touched the hearts of millions of people and it will also touch yours. Actually, watching it just one time is a crime.
  7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You know that guy! He stays out of school and he’s not going to get caught. And all the troubles he will face along the way won’t stop him. 
  8. Wayne’s World. A movie which made Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ a real hit. Classic movie for those who like a good laugh.  
  9. Grease. A movie for all musical lovers, featuring young John Travolta. A simple story about two teenagers who fall in love. Lots of great music and heartwarming romance.
  10. The Breakfast Club. Classic movie about five teenagers from different high schools who get together and find out that they’re not so different from each other. Moreover, they start to understand that they have more in common than they could ever think.

No matter its plot, genre and acting cast, all of these movies have made a huge impact on the film industry, and what’s even more important on the hearts of several generations. And if you still haven’t watched them, they will bring you more joy than you can think of.