The Best Festivals Of June

The first month of the summer should be remembered by vivid emotions and fascinating travels. Here is a list of the most interesting June events of the world.

Best Top 9 Festivals around the World


Jazz Rally is the biggest jazz festival in Germany. More than 80 concerts at 30 scenes and over 300 thousand spectators are here. Quiet Düsseldorf turns into a city of music for a few days. The doors of the festival are open to everyone from directions and any cultures because this is the essence of jazz.


This is the main rock event of the country. It has been gathering amateurs of heavy music since 1992. Annually from 30 to 50 thousand people come to Solvesborg. A diverse program distinguishes the festival; it is not limited to rock direction. In addition, there are both national groups and world-class stars on the stage.


Kuningan is naturally included in the number of the most important annual events of the majority of the island's inhabitants. This religious celebration, which comes in 10 days after the most popular festival of Galungan, is designed to appease the gods with generous offerings (which necessarily include yellow rice).


The June festival, also known as the Festa de San Joyo (Festival of Saint John), is one of the most colorful folk festivals of the country. This is an impressive interweaving of grandiose fireworks, dances, and culinary surprises. The holiday participants dress up in colorful costumes. Men become farmers with large straw hats, and women are peasant ladies in bright dresses with pigtails and painted freckles. There are food trays everywhere, where you can taste kaldo soup from greens, corn soup, various sweets, and a drink Quentao, which is traditionally cooked on Festa Junina. The main events take place on June 13 (St. Anthony's Day), June 24 (St. John's Day), and June 29 (St. Peter's Day).

Top 9 June 2018 Festivals


This is the main pizza festival in the world and one of the brightest summer events in Italy. It takes place annually, becoming a place of pilgrimage for all lovers of this famous Italian dish. Naples is filled with the unique aromas of basil, mozzarella, and fresh baked goods for a few days. The best cooks from all over the world come to the International Championship. They compete in culinary skills, speed, ingenuity, conduct master classes for colleagues, and visitors.


More than 300,000 people come to this annual event. The total prize fund of horseracing exceeds 6.5 million pounds. Royal Ascot is not only one of the most significant events in the world of racing but also the most outstanding week of the British secular calendar. The queen herself does not miss a single race and every day monitors the procession, heading from Windsor Castle to the place of competition. The most prestigious prize of races, the Golden Cup is awarded to the winners since 1807. It is played on Thursday or Lady's Day. Competition horses are four-year-olds. The dress code of the Royal Lodge prescribes to have a black or gray tailcoat, gray trousers in a thin strip, a poplin shirt with a high collar, a monophonic silk tie-plastron, elk skin gloves, and a cylinder for gentlemen. The lady should cover her shoulders, the length of the skirts and dresses is also regulated, it should not be too short.


"Festival of the Sun," the most important religious Inca festival, is dedicated to the god Inti. It is held during the winter solstice and celebrated as the New Year in the Andes. The ceremony showed their mystical origin and lasted nine days, during which dances, processions, and animal sacrifices were held in ancient times. It was believed that it would ensure a good harvest in the new season. It was celebrated in 1535 the last time, after which the Catholic Church banned it. In 1944, under the guidance of Faustino Espinosa Navarro, the first reconstruction of the historic ceremony took place through the efforts of local artists. Since then, on June 24, a theatrical performance has been held annually in Saksa-Ouaman (2 kilometers from Cuzco), which attracts thousands of tourists and local residents.


The Danish Roskilde Festival is the largest one in Northern Europe. It will be one of the best concerts in 2018. It takes place in an old town on the shore of the picturesque Roskilde Fjord in the eastern part of the island of Zealand. The festival was held on August 28-29, 1971 for the first time and gathered 10 thousand people. Today Roskilde is visited by more than 100 thousand music fans to enjoy a unique combination of classical and modern rock in the background of magnificent landscapes. Many stars of the world scale took part in the festival, including Bob Marley, U2, Metallica, Nirvana, Radiohead, and many others. There is a traditional Nude Run in the program of the festival.


These competitions take place in Soknayarvi since 1995. Carrying wives or Eukonkanto is becoming more popular every year. The goal of the match is extremely simple: men must run through the obstacle course, carrying their life companion on shoulders. The winner is the one who crossed the track first, without dropping his wife. Women participating in the championship must be over 17 years old and weigh not less than 49 kg. The prize is the beer equivalent of the weight of the girl.