The Best Pictures that May Win Oscars in 2018

Despite the fact that the fiasco of Oscar 2017 is still fresh in our minds, we decided to devote this article to this year nominees for the Best Picture and its possible winners. There are certainly many leading contenders for Best Picture in 2018. Let’s review top 5 possible winners and compare these early predictions with the final result.

Untitled Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit Project

Synopsis: The movie tells about the most destructive urban unrest in the history of the USA that happened in Detroit in 1967.

Oscar Prospects: The combination of two talents, Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, has already brought to light such great movies as “Zero Dark Thirty” and “The Hurt Locker”. Considering the contribution of these bright personalities and current political situation in the country, “Untitled Detroit Project” is probably the strongest Best Picture contender.

Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project

Synopsis: The film depicts London’s fashion world during the period of the 1950s.

Oscar Prospects: We all remember successful collaboration of the film director Paul Thomas Anderson and the leading actor Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie “There Will Be Blood”. Taking into account the amazing success of the movie, these two talents simply cannot disappoint us with an average film this time.


Synopsis: It is the story about the miraculous salvation of three hundred thousand soldiers during the Dunkirk operation that took place at the beginning of the World War II.

Oscar Prospects: Despite the fact that the film director Christopher Nolan is among the most talented filmmakers of our time, only one of his movies, “Inception”, was nominated for Best Picture award. Although it is quite obvious that “Dunkirk” will also receive nomination in 2018, it depends on the film’s worthiness whether it will win the award.

The Glass Castle

Synopsis: A girl grows up in a dysfunctional family of an alcoholic and an eccentric actress. The parents try to distract the child’s attention from poverty by giving hope for better future.

Oscar Prospects: In 2013, no one expected that “Short Term 12” directed by Destin Daniel Cretton would win an Oscar in two years. “The Glass Castle” is based on the interesting novel, so the movie has all chances to receive the Academy award for Best Picture in 2018.


Synopsis: It is a story about two young people, Rose and Ben, who live in different ages and cannot reconcile with the world. Rose is chasing her idol and a mysterious actress Lillian Mayhew, and Ben wants to find his father. One day, the life pushes them to search for the elements their lives truly lack.

Oscar Prospects: The film looks very promising because of Todd Haynes’s success with another drama “Carol” and a powerhouse cast of “Wonderstruck”, namely, Michele Williams and Julianne Moore.

What are your personal assumptions of Best Picture winners in 2018? Share your ideas and let’s see who is right!