The Best Strategies How to Get a Good Grade in English 101

As an entry-level course, English 101 is in the schedule of almost every freshman. Find out the peculiarities of the course and learn the most effective strategies that will help you to pass the discipline successfully.

Study the Basics

Before you sign up for the course, you’ll want to double check on your knowledge of English grammar and writing. Most high school courses pay attention to literature and authors rather than basic writing conventions. In such case, you’ll have to catch up on developing basic writing skills, such as grammar and sentence structure.

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Take Advantage of the Available Resources

In the beginning of the course, you will receive the list of literature to read and master your writing skills. Do not ignore this list. If you feel that your knowledge of English is weak, it is better to look through these sources and learn from them.


In addition to the list of sources, you will be given two texts for the course. Traditionally, a book of essays should be the first one. Try reading two or three times. Enjoy reading it. After that, look through this, take some notes and put down your considerations about the material. The second reading will certainly increase your comprehension of the course.

The second text is a writing handbook. It contains valuable material on everything considering essay writing. Focus on studying the information provided in this textbook, since it will be helpful throughout the entire college career.

Writing Centers

When it comes to creating essays, students get help in different writing centers organized in a college. Most frequently, there will be a tutor who assists students in polishing their writing skills by working one-on-one with every person who experiences troubles in composing essays.

Essay Writing

Writing essays will be the most frequent assignment in English 101. You were already taught how to write a 5-paragraph essay in high school. In college, you will have an opportunity to develop your knowledge of writing formats, information gathering and analysis, conducting researches, etc.

Avoid Plagiarism

Be sure you understand the meaning of plagiarism clearly and do everything possible to avoid it. Plagiarism instances may seriously damage your college career. So, it is better to submit 100% original papers. In case you experience troubles understanding the peculiarities of plagiarism or organizing words in a unique way, ask the tutor from writing center to help you.

If you are worried about being successful in English 101, keep in mind the content of this article. It will certainly help you to surprise your professor with good knowledge of the course material.

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