The Best Ways to Save Your Money This Fall

No matter how hard you try to save money in Fall, you will definitely be spending much more than you expect. Just think about all the holidays and events that expect you in the nearest future! Halloween, preparation for holidays, preparation for winter, shopping, some personal occasions, etc. It does not sound very promising for your pocket, does it? However, it is too early to worry! Our tips will help you keep healthy financial situation without showing yourself a greedy person.

The Most Perfect Tips

  1. Prioritize expenses. Make sure you pay your savings account first. The rest can wait.
  2. Visiting thrift shops is not a bad idea for people who want to buy new clothes and save money.
  3. It is clear that saving money the whole week straight is close to impossible. However, trying not to spend money on weekend may be a good idea, especially if you spend time with people you love just talking or watching movies. Netflix and chill!
  4. Solve the problem of costumes for Halloween for your kids by exchanging them with the neighbors.
  5. Having new decorations for a holiday is always a big pleasure. However, who told you that do-it-yourself décor is worse than that bought at the supermarket?
  6. Create your own saving plan in September. It will help you divide costs wisely and avoid money problems in the future.
  7. Do not forget about holiday shopping. It is the thing you cannot avoid so be ready to save some finances for it!
  8. Install a saving app. It can be quite useful for tracking your expenses. Gas Buddy is one of them.
  9. Think about some service providers you can live without. In order to save money, one may be required to sacrifice something. The positive side here is that it is not for good. Just wait until everything settles down a little.
  10. Pay with cash. Unlike paying with credit card, seeing your money disappear will for sure keep you more accountable.
  11. Think about stuff you can easily say good-bye to. We are sure you own a lot of useless things. Get rid of them by bringing them to the stores that buy old things. It will not only help you get some free space but will also give you a possibility to earn some cash.
  12. Say good-bye to the gym until January. Gym? Seriously? Do you think you will have enough time for it during preparation to all the holidays? However, if you do think so, you can workout at home for some time for the sake of saving. 
  13. If you are organizing a party, think about the potluck, BYOB or some other format that will help you save money and get everyone involved. You do not have to do it all alone.
  14. Think about available free or cheap entertainments. There are lots of interesting festivals (harvest, apple festival, etc.), which will help you save money and have fun.