The Best Websites to Find Budget Airfare

There are numerous websites out there if you are a student in search of an airfare to start your journey. Here are some of the best services you can use to find the most affordable airfare. With such a big list, you will definitely find the best bargain.

STA Travel

This company is definitely the best one for students who are looking for cheap airfare. The STA Travel’s student discounts are incredibly big, and often there is a great possibility to find long-haul flights for 50% discount of the non-student airfare. For these reasons, STA Travel is our number one recommendation for students who are looking for affordable airfare.

Student Universe

This company offers very cheap air tickets for students. However, it can be a bit hit and miss. Be sure to check their sales page to find the best offer.

Budget Airlines

Do not think that airfare is the most affordable option. There are some budget airlines where prices just cannot be beaten. Look through the list of all the budget airlines in the world, and it is likely that you will find a great deal there. You should also know that many budget airlines do not appear on flight aggregation sites and are not clearly publicized. 

American Airlines

This company has teamed up with Student Universe and now they offer great discounts to students who book flights with their help. Always make sure to check their website to find a good deal for you. Similarly, if you find an attractive deal on any website, always check whether they offer discounts for students.

Travel Cuts

This is a Canadian website which offers best air ticket prices for flights around the world. So, if you are going to have a trip, check Travel Cuts’ website before committing to anything.


On this website, you will always find a list of offers with fares for student travelers. ITravelosophy’s website is quite basic, but it is still worth a look.

Flight Aggregation Sites

Two of our favorite sites every student should visit before confirming the flight are Adioso and Skyscanner, which search plenty of budget and non-budget airlines and show the customer the most affordable airfares. Do not miss a chance to find a great deal!

Flight Centre

This is another company which offers cheap flights for student travelers. However, consider that it is only possible to find student fares on their UK site, so it is useful when you are in search of flights to or from Europe.


Most of this company’s fares originate in Canada and the USA, so it is not the best choice if you are planning a multi-stop trip around the world. However, you can still look for good deals with InternationalStudent.


This company is dealing with all the leading airlines, so you can find some great offers on their website and fly all over the world.


Although StudentFlights is not a very well-known company, sometimes you can find cheap airfares there.