The Crown and Its Peculiarities

Having returned home after what I thought was the most challenging summer in my entire life, I started googling new TV shows to spend the time now that I would be having some free time before finals. I signed into my Netflix account and spent some time looking for new shows – either actually new or at least new to me. One title on the homepage and its image attracted my attention immediately –that was a Netflix’s show The Crown. I had already heard about it some time earlier. My friends watched it in November, after the premiere. Well, at that time, new television shows were the least of my concerns, so I simply ignored it. On the day of my search, however, I read the review and it was so intriguing that I was ready for binge watching.

What is it about?

Starting from the first episode, the directors show that their new work is both interesting but also beautiful. The audience is absorbed by the magnificence and grandeur of Buckingham Place in the 1940’s. Here, in one of the most significant buildings of the United Kingdom, young Elizabeth II is planning to marry her sweetheart. Suddenly, her father is diagnosed with lung cancer. This event becomes life changing for Elizabeth and her family. During the following five years, the young lady is preparing for her father’s death which to her also means becoming a queen. The first season is relatively short and consists only of eight episodes. In fact, it is dedicated to the main character’s inner struggle, as she has to choose between her personal feelings and obligation to the country. I grew more attached to the characters with every next episode. The acting is impeccable. I laughed and cried together with them and did not even notice when the first season ended. After watching the last episode, I was already hungry for more, just like other fans. Frankly speaking, I never really liked drama until The Crown, which helped me rediscover this side of cinematography. I even recommended the show to my relatives, who, surprisingly, also loved it. Therefore, if you are looking for something intriguing to watch and you are an admirer of brilliant acting, The Crown is the right choice for you.

If my words haven’t been convincing enough, here’s a list of reasons why The Crown is worth watching:

  1. It is short! 

Netflix usually makes shows consisting of numerous episodes and seasons. This is not the best option for someone who tries to manage their time. The Crown has only eight episodes, so you will definitely find a few free evenings to watch it. One more advantage of the short TV series is that you don’t get bored. The lives of the main characters are so interesting that you won’t even think about the duration of the episodes and will be upset to realize that the season is already over. 

  1. Apart from Elizabeth, there are a few more strong women in the show.

I find it very inspiring to see good female role models on TV because I am concerned with gender issues the modern society continues to face. The story unfolds in a time when women were yet to win fair treatment and to see Elizabeth succeed even under such unfavorable circumstances means that we are capable of achieving equality in the 21st century. Just as many other strong women, Elizabeth summons all her strength and proves to her advisors, her husband, and the society in general that she is a strong personality and that gender does not determine potential and intelligence. The woman gives hope to many because she achieves fair treatment against the odds.

  1. There are many other interesting characters. 

Elizabeth II is not the only historical figure Netflix describes. The viewers have a chance to learn more about such prominent people as Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret, and Elizabeth’s father King George VI. We also meet her two children, Anne and Charles. The following season will tell us more about the lives of the members of the royal family, including Princess Diana and her husband.

  1. The show stars many famous actors.

TV-shows fans will find many familiar faces in The Crown. Claire Foy (Elizabeth II) is known to us by Vampire Academy, Matt Smith (Prince Philip) appeared in Doctor Who, and John Lithgow  (Winston Churchill) is famous for Interstellar. Apart from them, the viewers also see Vanessa Kirby and Stephen Dillane. I think the casting directors did an excellent job because all actors seem to be the best match for these characters. The performance is also flawless. I heard that Claire Foy and Matt Smith even spent some time with real members of the royal family to better understand their characters.  

  1. The music is wonderful.

Just listen to it.

  1. It is the right choice for drama lovers.

Despite the fact that not all historical events are represented accurately, The Crown will reveal some of the secrets of the royal family members’ lifestyle. You would also be surprised to know what Elizabeth II and her family really felt while going through the dramatic changes in their lives. 

The Crown has won my heart and now it’s on the list of my favorite shows. Try watching it, and I’m sure you will like it, too!