The Student’s Guide To Choosing A Major

After school-leaving exams, graduates encounter difficulties in choosing a branch of studies they would like to get a qualification in. Before making such a decision, it is important to consider all the pros and cons, such as a tuition fee, cost of living, offered grants, future employment possibilities, and other important factors.

After having analyzed different rates and statistics, this internet resource is aiming to provide you with essential information and to help you to decide on your priority.

Choosing a College Major

The scientists at the University of La Verne reported that almost 50% of the first year students are totally confused about their major and more than a half of them tend to change the courses. On the one hand, shifting major takes longer to complete a degree and the final payment increases. On the other hand, Western Kentucky University’s researchers claim that it does not influence much the duration of the studying process at all. As a result, students get their diplomas by the dated planned and most of them dramatically improve the grades.

Most Popular Major

One of the most important factors for students is their future employment. In fact, everybody wants to have a fulfilling job in their field of studies. In the article The Economic Value of College Majors, the most popular majors that the graduates nowadays choose are provided.

Employment Rates

Graduates with the Bachelor's and Master’s degrees do not have equal chances on the labor market. Professional experience is also valued while applying for a job. Georgetown’s Hard Times presents the data on the unemployment rates among graduates with different degrees.

Which Majors Meet The Requirements

Some students find useful the pieces of advice given by college alumni. The survey by Payscale discovered that Mathematics, Technology, Science, Business and Health Care Management are considered to be the most beneficial. However, Humanities and Social Sciences are less promising. Proving this, 55% of graduates in the science field are not satisfied with their choice of major. Besides, only 35% of students who obtain a degree in Arts would like to change the field of study.

Diploma Doubles A Salary

It was stated in Georgetown’s The Economic Value of College Majors report that 80% of choices are made according to the financial advantages. Today’s average salary of a graduate is $33,000 - $60,000. In comparison, people without a higher education earn $22,000 -  $36,000.

The Most Profitable Careers

People involved in such fields as medicine and business have a steady income. Whereas graduates of social sciences, arts and humanities suffer from low salaries.