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Many students wonder exactly what a thesis statement is.
It is basically the core of your research project encapsulated into a statement of intent.
Every research paper written has been preceded by a statement which informs the reader of what points the paper will make as well as the overall idea behind it.
How long and detailed this is will depend on your individual instructions.

In order to write your statement you must know your subject matter thoroughly and be able to write about the intended content of your paper in a way that will appeal to your readers.
It should adequately reflect the genre and can therefore be analytical or explanatory.

So does every research paper need a statement?
The answer is yes, they do.
A few key phrases summed up into sentences that appeal to all levels of expertise will demonstrate your ability to appeal to a wide readership while putting your intellectual points across.

Arguably, the most difficult thing to master is the composition of your statement.
Ordinarily, students choose the subject matter for themselves but occasionally, your tutor or supervisor may provide you with the topic.
If the topic has been allocated to you, it is probable that it will be focused on just one particular point and therefore it is your responsibility to demonstrate that you have a thorough and extensive understanding of that point or issue.
When this point is put in the form of a question, your statement should reflect how you intend to address your answer to it.

When the topic is up to you, it may be easier to compose the statement because you will simply detail what you wish to say.
Ideally you will choose subject matter that may be debated and if so, put across your point of view and argue for it.
Reduce your subject to points and elucidate on each point.

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The effectiveness of your thesis statement will be judged on how well it answers certain questions and how unbiased or biased it is.
You should present the argument for your point but acknowledge that other points of view exist too.
Be precise and specific and show your reader that you can back your argument.
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