Top 10: Best-Selling Albums Of All Time

Music has always been around and ever since the first ancient drum rhythms to Bach, Andrea Bocelli or Metallica, we just can’t get enough of it. Music started to become really popular when people first got the opportunity to bring and listen to it at home in the 1950s. It was the decade that marked the boom of the music industry. But have you ever wondered which musical releases were the most successful? We offer you to find out what 10 albums have obtained the status of the best-selling in the United States, as of 2003.

Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard - 17 million

Technically, it’s the soundtrack to the romantic thriller starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. It was released in 1992, and although not all songs were performed by Whitney, it’s her contribution that made the album sell so well.

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours - 18 million

1977 was a perfect year to release this album, because it was the transition phase between the hippie movement and over-commercialism. Fleetwood Mac created something that transcended it all.

Shania Twain’s Come On Over - 19 million

It is her third album that was the most commercially successful. Released in 1997, it became an instant hit. Blending country and pop to appeal to the mainstream audiences, it consisted of catchy tracks that conquered the hearts of many. 

The Beatles’s The White Album - 19 million

After spending three years experimenting in studio, The White Album was released in 1968, and it pushed rock’n’roll music to previously unknown territories. Fans gladly accepted the experiments and continue appreciating the band’s effort to this day.

AC/DC’s Back In Black - 19 million

The first album with Brian Johnson after the tragic death of Bon Scott. Although it has nothing to do with originality, it’s incredibly catchy and haunting. It was just what fans were waiting for.

Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits Vol. I & II - 21 million

Billy Joel was a genuine artist, and this album is a real showcase of his work and success. It combines romantic ballads, rock’n’roll, hymns to happiness and socially conscious lyrics. Just listen to these songs to understand why they became classic.

Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin IV - 22 million

In 1971, Led Zeppelin released their fourth album, which can be considered the height of their career because the albums that followed next can’t even get close to this masterpiece. Our favorite Stairway to Heaven, which became legendary is the song from this album.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall - 23 million

Released in 1979, this album is a tale of alienation, desperation, loneliness and drugs. It’s as dark as it is brilliant.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller - 26 million

Thriller is the international best-selling album of all times; however, in America, it got the second place. Released in 1982, it won 8 Grammys and spawned 7 outstanding singles.

Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 - 28 million

It’s the band that brought us Hotel California that beat seven of Michael Jackson's! Many bands have tried to imitate their success, but none could ever do this.