Top 6 Movies to Inspire You to Study

Studying abroad is a challenging experience that can often turn into severe homesickness and lack of motivation to study. While there are a lot of fun things that you can engage in if lack of motivation strikes it gets more and more difficult to wake up and to continue doing that thing that you have come here for in the first place – to study. To help you get your motivation back and recollect that joy you had when you were starting, we have compiled the list of six inspiring movies. When you watch them you will rediscover the value of learning and become encouraged to get back to your studies. Even if have already watched some of them, in moments of frustration it will be useful to revisit these classics ones again.

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Great movie for the fans of Robin Williams. In ‘Dead Poets Society’ he plays an iconoclastic English teacher John Keating in the all-boys school. While all other teachers utilize very traditional ways of teaching, John is very different and with the organization of Dead Poets Society he tries to break the oppressive regime of Welton Academy. John Keating inspires his students to become themselves, break the rules and be free. The movie is very touching and most probably you will need a couple of napkins to wipe tears from your eyes.

The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ is based on real events and pictures the life of Chris Gardner (portrayed by Will Smith) who makes his way from the homeless man sleeping in the public toilet with his son, to the millionaire owner of the successful company, which he himself has founded.

If after watching motivational movies you’re thinking “nah, it’s just the movie and has nothing to do with real life”, watch ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ because its story based on real events will make you believe in the power of human spirit once again. The main message shows that it’s always possible to take control of your life and have the results that you’ve always wanted to.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Will Hunting played by Matt Damon is a young mathematical prodigy, who has a difficult past and a tendency to break the law and fight. He starts visiting Sean (played by Robin Williams), who works with him to help Will uncover his true potential. A lot of thoughtful dialogues, touching scenes and a fulfilling ending of this movie make it a real classic. It shows us that we should uncover our destiny and follow our calling even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

School of Rock (2003)

The only movie on the list which combines the desire to study with awesome rock riffs. ‘School of Rock’ follows the story of the bad-luck musician, who turns unhappy upper-class kids into a very cool rock band.

While it’s far from getting Academy Awards, its strongest side is the ability to show how the right approach to education can inspire incredible change even in people, who are unlikely to take the offered knowledge. Jack Black’s hero works with his little students with so much dedication and passion that it becomes impossible for them not to love the discipline that he’s teaching them. 

Freedom Writers (2007)

Like the second movie on the list, ‘Freedom Writers’ is based on a truly inspirational story. It is based on the life and work of Erin Gruwell, who took a group of underachieving students and turned them to the heights of their academic possibilities, by utilizing her unique teaching style. This story shows us that true passion for education and changing people’s lives for the better, can really do wonders and move mountains. It’s a source of great inspiration for those who’ve forgotten about their motivation and for those who consider the radical change in people impossible.

Stand and Deliver (1988)

Last movie on the list, which is also based on a truly inspirational story. It follows the story of Jamie Escalante – a man who starts teaching math to rebellious students. For Escalante discipline is more important than education so it is interesting to watch how two different worldviews clash. Nevertheless, Escalante being a determined man makes his students academically successful and thanks to him they pass their exams with good results.

Just like ‘Freedom Writers’, ‘Stand and Deliver’ also shows that success is not determined by the history of past failures, but by the intensity and sincerity of today’s efforts. The story proves once again, that possibilities are open to anyone who is ready to work on themselves and strive.

So if you feel exhausted and demotivated to study, pick one of the six movies from the list and for the duration of these movies – live with their heroes and try to rediscover the spark within yourself. Maybe, the truth so carefully integrated into these movies will remind you the true value that education, efforts, and relationships have in our lives.