Top 8 Reasons to Watch Under the Dome

Imagine a situation when you live in a peaceful city and all of a sudden mysterious dome appears around it so that no one can escape or enter the city anymore. The dome is transparent, yet it is solid so you stand near its edge and helplessly stare through it without a trace of an understanding of how to deal with the situation. Mayhem and panic rise in the city, but in order to survive, the residents must unite and rely upon each other.

That’s the synopsis of one of the most epic mini-series Under the Dome, and it gives us a glimpse of what the city cut off from the rest of the world may look like. If you still haven’t watched it, here are top eight reasons why you should start watching it today.

It is written by Stephen King.

It’s listed as the number one reason because this fact alone should make you want to watch it. Many of Stephen Kind’s works have been successfully adapted on screen among which The Shawshank Redemption is a number one movie on IMDB. Of course, not Stephen Kind’s adaptions were that successful. In fact, some of them were pretty weak, but show me a movie critic, who didn’t include The Shining, Stand By Me or The Shawshank Redemption in his or her list. The original story was a part of Stephen King’s mind for about four decades to be finally released as a novel in 2009. The novel gained a widespread acclaim, so there’s no reason not to give Under the Dome a try.  

It isn’t directed by Stephen King.

However genius Stephen Kind may be as a writer and concept creator, directing isn’t his thing. Just like many screenwriters and actors dreamt about becoming directors, Stephen King also dreamt of stepping behind the camera. And he managed to do this in the early ‘80s when he was working on a film with a script that he was the author of. This effort resulted in Maximum Overdrive movie and unfortunately it was not good at all. Since that time, King hasn’t directed anything.

Fortunately for us, for the first episode of Under the Dome, King has hired Niels Arden Oplev, who does an outstanding job at visualizing. So, the movie is in very sophisticated hands.

It has actors that we admire

It has Britt Robertson from The Secret Circle and Dean Norris from Breaking Bad, which means that Under the Dome can never get dull. They have already played in some excellent series that we loved and there are no reasons to worry about bad actor’s play.   

The Simpsons did it

Although the screenwriters of The Simpsons Movie and Under the Dome series are different people, it’s impossible not to mention the similarities between the main ideas of the plot. In The Simpson Movie, a town-sealing bubble covers Springfield and in Under the Dome, a strange dome materializes upon Chester’s Mill.

Most probably it’s a “great minds think alike” case, because in order to end the controversy and prove his originality, King published some excerpts from the manuscript that he has worked on in 1979. They included an original dome idea.

It’s a show for anyone who’s into Suspense or Sci-fi

This show has an excellent balance between Suspense and Sci-fi, an interesting storyline that can grab your attention and great visuals. After the end of each episode, you will keep asking questions. Will that guy ever escape from his shelter? Why have these strange teenagers synchronized seizures? Why does Dean Norris’ character need that much propane? And of course, the question that will bother you most – where did this strange dome come from in the first place?

It has nothing to do with clichés

When you come to the episode, where teens who have synchronized seizures tape themselves as they go into attack and are flabbergasted by what they see on the tape, you start questioning even more. Is that dome an artificial intelligent object? Is it some sort of a life form controlled by extraterrestrial life? Taking into consideration that Stephen King has nothing to do with clichés, your thrill is going to last as long as he wants it to.

More than just a dome

Even though, the main object of the film is that mysterious, transparent structure covering the town, the film isn’t just about that strange dome. It gives a glimpse of how people will behave if their well-being and way of life get confronted. Pretty much like Camus' Plague, but from the modern prospective and with scenario twists granted by the King’s genius.

Outstanding pointers

Under the Dome series also shows you how you can act in a similar situation. Of course, you may think that it’s impossible, but taking into consideration the age in which we’re living and the degree to which our technology is progressing, who knows what situations we may face? Though, I hope nothing like this will ever happen to us.

I think these reasons are convincing enough to make you start watching Under the Dome, so see you behind the TV set!