Top Reasons to Watch All Breaking Bad Episodes

For the fans of Mad Men, in particular those who have hung up on Don Draper, I can definitely say that the Breaking Bad series is far more worth watching. Don Draper’s tailspin is nothing in comparison to Walter White’s transformation from a high school chemistry teacher, who has never taken risks and has always behaved as a well-mannered man, to a terminally ill methamphetamine-cooking freak. His urge to leave his family money drives him to a cat-and-mouse game, where the viewers can observe the ongoing decay of White’s moral principles as well as observe the turn of events relating to White’s DEA brother-in-law.

Despite the fact that the show is filled with disgusting situations involving White’s crime partner or Jesse, his former student, as well as some urgent family issues, mayhem, and murder, the series is just excellent. You will be definitely kept on the edge of your seat. I can totally recommend it to you even though I was really late in joining the Breaking Bad fan club. I have heard a lot about the episodes from my friends and acquaintances, but actually I could not understand what it was all about – some freaky teacher, found terminally ill, etc. I was sure back then that such show is definitely not for me. However, I have changed my mind as soon as I started watching it. When my friends were already enjoying the last season of Breaking Bad, I was only starting the first one. All in all, I have overcome my aversion to graphic violence on screen.

One advice for you when you start watching: start from the very first season because otherwise you will never feel and comprehend the complete evolution of Walter White’s character, where he embraces the dark side. Once I thought I would start with the 5th season (which my friends were watching), but then I realized that I do not get the idea of what is going on and thus decided to catch up with the 46 episodes starting from the very first one. Luckily, I started watching the series while I had a holiday because it was so gripping and exciting that I was watching it even at nights. Now I can’t realize what would have happened if I watched it during my studies – I would look like a zombie due to my sleepless nights J What can I say? The episodes are as addictive as the meth White cooks.  

You know what? I feel jealous of people who have not started watching Breaking Bad yet as it is the best series ever. Sometimes I wish I could erase my memory and start watching the episodes from the very beginning in order to live through all those feelings and emotions again.

Are you still hesitating whether to watch Breaking Bad or not?

Read the 10 reasons “for” (without spoilers):

  1. You will be mesmerized by the stunning gradual transformation of Walter White from good to evil. With each subsequent episode, you will be engaged into the intricate actions that develop the main character.
  2. The central theme develops with each episode. Therefore, watching all episodes is a must if you want to get understanding of all plotlines, nuances, and other references.
  3. The actors’ play cannot be left unnoticed here. Quality is in everything: characters beyond the main storyline develop their own dynamic. You will be surprised by this masterful play.
  4. From one episode to another you get more and more suspicious due to the details and information you already know. And you are always worried about … (something) J
  5. The visual details are really appealing. There is so much imagination and beauty in them. You just can’t take your eyes off the screen. Parts of the body falling into the pool, a shaking car, desert variations, bright vs. dark lights – all the effects are marvelous.
  6. The health state of Walter White is usually depicted with such signposts as a cough, a pause, a look – not more. However, with references to the previous events that happened earlier you can observe the underlying march on the way to the illness.
  7. The really superb and award-winning acting of Bryan Cranston is an ultimate artwork.
  8. The rest of the cast including Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul are exceptionally wonderful as well. Throughout the development of the episodes, some of the characters change subtly, whereas the others really shockingly.
  9. The writing is deprived of the irrelevant and unnecessary stiltedness and exposition as it develops the plotline by adding details from the past. I felt really exciting about this part.
  10. On the whole, Breaking Bad was written and directed as a masterpiece.

As you see, there are many true reasons why it is worth watching Breaking Bad. Just start and you will see everything yourself. I have been always looking forward to our discussions of the series in our circle of friends, and I am so happy for those people who have discovered these episodes. Unfortunately, the show has come to the end, but I will hope that there will be many more quality and interesting shows directed in the future.