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Essay Writing

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A short paper written on the given topic is called an essay. Such piece of writing can be of several types such as persuasive, expository, informative, analytical, etc.

According to our policy, a standard essay can be 19 double-spaced pages in length or 9 pages single-spaced at the maximum. In case you need to order a work consisting of more pages, please select another order type (e.g., research paper, dissertation, etc.).

Basic essay structure contains the following elements:

  • Title page (free-of-charge)
  • Introductory section (comprising a Thesis Statement)
  • Body
  • Concluding part
  • Reference page (free)

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Term Paper Writing

When students complete a particular course, they usually write a term paper. This work demonstrates student’s knowledge in a respective subject. It differs from a research paper in a way that it is not obligatory to do painstaking research when producing it. A term paper, as any other academic work, has a key point. It is usually presented at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Preparing a Research Paper

In order to write a research paper of the highest quality it is necessary to use only reputable sources to be sure that they contain reliable data about your topic. Moreover, you should know how to analyze the gathered material and organize it in a properly written work. Surely, you will need enough time to produce a great piece of writing as it has to be based on hard facts and not on empty words. The main aim of a research paper is not only to present the results of previously conducted research on the explored issue, but also to use the gathered arguments to support your point of view.

A research paper consists of:

  • Title Page (at no cost)
  • Introductory paragraph, Literature Analysis
  • Research technique
  • Analysis of the collected facts
  • Research Results
  • Discussion
  • Concluding section
  • Reference page (free-of-charge).

It is necessary to admit that not all research papers include all the afore-mentioned items. When writing your work, you should stick to the professor’s guidelines. Thus, you will prepare a top-notch work containing the required structural components.

Key Features of a Book Report

It is an informative piece of writing analyzing the chosen book from a particular point of view. Book reports have much in common with book reviews. However, the former summarize a particular book rather than assess its content. When preparing a book report, you should be concentrated on discussing the plot, thesis, main characters, and the key idea.

Movie/Book Review

Note that it differs from a summary. It presents a critical analysis of the selected movie or book. You should apply your analytical and writing skills to write a great review and give it a personal touch.

A movie/book review includes the following components:

  • Book title and author or movie actors or director
  • A short paragraph summarizing the plot (a few sentences discussing the central problem)
  • Main body. Here, you should give comments on the analyzed book or movie. Say whether it is worth reading/watching.

Writing a Coursework

This type of paper is produced at the end of semester. It shows whether students have learnt course material well. However, it also demonstrates whether learners are able to analyze the examined subject and express their opinion about it. Note that “coursework” stands for different types of writing, i.e. essay, term paper, etc.

Structure of the Research Proposal

The core elements of the research proposal are the following: Title page (free), Abstract (free-of-charge), Contents (at no cost), Chapter I. Introductory paragraph, Chapter II. Literature Review, Brief Analysis of the Main Questions, Chapter III. Description of the Used Methods, Reference list (free), and Appendices.

A research proposal has the same format as a dissertation. However, it still differs in the style of writing. The approach you have used while writing this paper should be described in the future tense as you have not completed the work yet. Nevertheless, when writing a proposal, you need to discuss the aim of writing your paper in the present tense and after the research is completed - in the past tense.

Properly Written Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography presents all the sources, which you have used when examining the topic. Bibliography is also called “Works Cited” or “Reference page”. It depends on the selected formatting style. Such data as the author of a book, its title, publishing date, etc., are usually included in the bibliography.

As to annotation, it is a brief summary. Thus, an annotated bibliography provides a short description of each source used for writing a paper. According to the type of your assignment, the annotation may either analyze or summarize information or both.

Doing an Online Test

Such tests are calculated in accordance with the number of questions (5) per page or 300 words for quizzes. You should follow this rule if your test contains multiple choice or true/false questions. For instance, it is necessary to place a 2-page order if your test includes 10 questions.

It happens that students are required to type in the answers when doing online tests. Thus, you should indicate the word count of your answers to know what number of pages to order. If your test consists of 30 questions and each of them should be answered in 60 words, you will need to place a 6-page order according to the rule.

Questions-Answers Tasks

Assignment types

  1. Multiple-choice task: Complete the sentences by selecting a correct word.
  2. Filling the gaps. Write full sentences.
  3. Transformation: Change the first sentence so that it means the same as the second.
  4. Connecting: Connect the words with opposite meanings.
  5. Cloze test: Fill in the gaps in the given piece of writing.
  6. True / false task: Define whether an opinion is true or false.
  7. Open questions: Give a full answer to each question.
  8. Close question: Give a short answer to the question.
  9. Correct mistakes: Correct the errors you have found in the sentences.

Dealing with Multiple-Choice Questions

They are calculated according to the “5 questions per page” rule.

Dissertation or Thesis Writing

Its main items: Title page (free-of-charge), Acknowledgments (free), TOC (table of contents) (free), List of figures/tables (free-of-charge), Abstract (free-of-charge), Introductory unit, Literature Review, Methods used, Findings, Concluding part, Bibliography (free-of-charge), Appendices (free-of-charge), Glossary/Index (free).

If you have specific guidelines provided by your professor, you should inform your writer about it. According to your instructions, some sections may be added or excluded.

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Editing/ Proofreading Services

When editing or proofreading papers, we will do the following:

  1. Correct all types of mistakes;
  2. Build sentences correctly;
  3. Format essays.

When editing papers, close attention is paid to:

  1. Citation and formatting
  2. Footnotes/endnotes
  3. Punctuation, capitalization, grammar, spelling
  4. Acronyms/abbreviated forms
  5. Italics, specific terms, borrowed words
  6. Lists with parallel/numbering wording/punctuation
  7. Organization of tables and figures
  8. Numbered tables, lists, figures, outlines, etc.
  9. Run-on sentences and redundancy
  10. Racist language
  11. The use of passive voice
  12. Improperly used words
  13. Cross-references
  14. Clear wording
  15. Structure of sentences    Transition words
  16. Writing style
  17. Chapter headings
  18. Paper structure
  19. Correspondence between information describing tables and that given in the tables
  20. Title/cover/copyright pages
  21. Table of contents
  22. Content flow (it is checked whether the text is organized correctly)
  23. Technical flaws (incorrect spacing, split words)
  24. Properly made references
  25. Number of pages, footers, headers
  26. Margins

Writing and research are not included in this service.

Rewriting Assignments

When working on “rewriting orders”, writers:

  • Paraphrase the whole text or just some of its sections and provide additional data about the matter under consideration (according to the client’s instructions);
  • Correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors;
  • Make sure that sentences are constructed correctly;
  • Check format.

Formatting Service

When formatting customers’ papers, it is checked whether the chosen citation style (e.g. APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.) is used appropriately. However, you should note that no grammar changes are made.

Doing Excel Exercises

This assignment includes solving equations, making calculations, doing sums, etc. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to make an extra payment for such type of order. It depends on the level of complexity of the assignment.

PowerPoint Presentation

The price for the PowerPoint presentation depends on the number of slides. Nevertheless, in case speaker notes are required, you should tick a specific field in the order form. In addition, providing speaker notes is a paid service.. On average, there are about 100-150 words on each page of speaker notes.

Case Study Analysis

When doing such an assignment, you need to analyze a particular problem, offer several solutions, and choose the most appropriate one. Remember to provide strong arguments to support your viewpoint.

A case study analysis contains the next units:

  • Introductory section
  • Background information
  • Options to choose
  • True facts
  • Offered Solution
  • Detailed analysis
  • Describing personal experience
  • Recommendations

Draft Option

You can ask for a draft to see whether the writer follows your instructions. A draft will contain one page. It will be sent when 50% of the set deadline has expired.


You can ask the summary to be sent alongside your order. The whole work will be summarized on one page. It is usually attached separately.


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