Understanding Suicide Prevention (part 5)

Below, you will find a list of useful resources that will give you more insight into suicide prevention and recovery.

National Suicide Resources

  1. Suicide.org: an NGO that has a hotline, a website with very convenient navigation, and awareness resources categorized by state
  2. Suicidology.org: an NGO aimed at providing suicide prevention efforts as well as courses for suicide specialists and counselors
  3. I’m Alive: an organization run by volunteers certified in crisis intervention
  4. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): the institution’s activity is aimed at promoting suicide prevention awareness through clinical trials and research
  5. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): a mental health institution that has branches in all 50 states. It provides counseling activities and crisis intervention services

For Those Who Have Lost Someone to Suicide

  1. Survivors of Suicide (SOS): a very useful resource for suicide survivors that has discussion boards and memorials
  2. Alliance of Hope: has a memorial message board and a powerful support resource
  3. I’ve Lost Someone: a great network that has resources and tools both for immediate support and long-term care
  4. AAS Suicide Loss Survivors: provides book recommendations, useful tips, and training opportunities
  5. Suicide Awareness Voices of Education: the resource that has the list of support groups for people who are overcoming death of a loved one from suicide

Support Groups

  1. Samaritans.org: A useful service that offers online consultations for those who have suicidal thoughts or depression. Consultations are performed in a form of email or chat
  2. NAMI Connection: Programs provided by this organization provide peer-to-peer support for those who suffer from mental illnesses
  3. Mental Health America: Services include skill-building programs, support groups, counseling in all states across the USA
  4. Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: With this tool you can find and join a group to discuss your problems on the internet in real-time
  5. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: This resource allows finding those who are at-risk in your area

Resources for Those Who Want to Help Other People

  1. Network for Good: It has an exhaustive list of volunteer options at different suicide prevention institutions in the United States
  2. The Jason Foundation: This foundation is dedicated to increasing suicide prevention awareness and to educating counselors and specialists of crisis intervention
  3. Speaking of Suicide: A website created by a licensed psychotherapist who shares his knowledge and offers research, discussion, and information on the topic
  4. The Bright Side: This resource suggests work-from-home options for volunteers

Resources for College Students

  1. American College Health Association: It has the list of useful resources on mental health
  2. ULifeline: Offers confidential online support for those who have mental health issues
  3. Anxiety and Depression Association of America: You can use it to search for licensed therapists in your area
  4. Students Against Depression: Created by students who want to increase awareness of warning signs and give support to those in need

Do not hesitate to use these resources if you need help.