Unusual Jobs for College Students That Are Available on Campus

Campus jobs are a perfect opportunity for college students to earn extra money. Besides, working part-time will prove to be an invaluable experience in life (even if you regard it as unpleasant). Most probably, when you think of part-time jobs, the positions that come to your mind are those of waiters, cashiers, etc. However, I have created a list of campus jobs that are not so much popular.

Try Yourself in Organic Gardening

If there is a garden or an organic farm in the vicinities of your campus, then it’s really a perfect chance for you to try yourself in organic farming. Of course, such work might be included in the course requirement and your studying schedule. However, you might as well try yourself in weeding, planting, turning the soil, etc.

Dress Up as a Giant Fluffy Animal

If you are a party maker, and you like to entertain many people, why not dress up as a huge fuzzy animal? However, not everyone is suitable for such kind of work. You need to be athletic and able to tolerate heat (it is really hot in the costume and twice as much when it is scorching outside).

Take Care of Animals

Some colleges have animals on their vicinities. Naturally, they need some daily care, whether it is feeding, grooming or just looking after them. If you love animals, don’t hesitate – you could be on the team!

Take Part in the Experiments

No, no, no, you’ve probably got me wrong. I’m not implying that you should become the lab rat. On the contrary, you might need to observe the experiments in college labs. What is especially interesting, you can observe psychological experiments, for example, you might need to wake people after they have slept for the needed time.

Try Yourself in Wine or Beer Making

Some colleges offer programs for students, where they can try themselves in wine or beer making. So, if you like such stuff, you’re free to do it! Some like it as a hobby, but you might even get paid for such kind of job. Besides, it is really interesting to monitor the process of production.

Pose as a Nude Model

Many art departments are searching for models who could pose nude to the college artists. Do not be shy and do not think that you need a perfect body to be suitable for this job. Sometimes, posing involves sitting in the same position.

As you see, there are quite a few campus jobs that are really unusual. If you are in need of extra income, and you are searching for a part-time job, do not think that the only choice you have is to go to the café and be a waitress or wash dishes there. Actually, the range of choices is much bigger. Hope this article has really helped you to decide on what you like. Good luck with your job searches!