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When you order an essay from BestWritingService, you expect to obtain a well-written work according to your needs. A good writing is actually synonymous to authentic writing, and we are devoted to producing every composition using all the scope of our original thinking, investigatory abilities, as well as reputable resources.

Despite high inventiveness, devotion to their job, and determination, even outstanding professional writers can accidentally plagiarize. There is a higher chance of plagiarism when you are working with the established databases and pieces written by other experts. Fortunately, we can prove that owing to VIP additional plagiarism check every essay we write reflects originality. You can order plagiarism detection as our VIP option to get the whole report on the composed piece you ordered.

Why Is It Beneficial to Include Plagiarism Check into Your Order?

There are various reasons why bestwritingservice plagiarism check is a preferred feature of many of our customers. What is important to remember is that every individually assigned writer is tasked with producing a remarkable composition from scratch and it serves as a golden rule of our pencraft agency. Nevertheless, we would like to place emphasis on the main reasons why plagiarism detection might be essential for you:

  • If your task is to produce a creative fiction, where you invent a storyline, characters, and setting, not relying on any previously published books, it is highly unlikely you will plagiarize. However, there are instances when you have to work with a specific genre and it has peculiar features that are common for different works within this genre. Sometimes, there are even precise descriptive terms that are used only for fantasy literature or only for dystopian prose. Since you are not the inventor of the genre you are working with, there is a possibility of accidental plagiarism.
  • If you are a student or a scholar, you usually have to run through numerous online and offline resources, and you may fail to cite all of them. Wrong formatting of quotations or direct speech often lead to the entire plagiarized paragraphs in your research paper.
  • Even if you order a work from a professional writer, his main responsibility is to produce a high-quality work for you, but plagiarism detection is the task of our editors. Indeed, we check every work for plagiarism, but we cannot send the detailed authenticity reports to every client, as it could be more energy- and time-consuming. Hence, we made it our VIP feature.
  • It is advantageous to make use of VIP additional plagiarism check, asit will be a thorough report conducted by an advanced similarity scanner, which surpasses many tools that you can find on the Internet for free.

By offering VIP plagiarism detection, we do not bring our writers’ knowledge and skills into question. On the contrary, this reflects our emphasis on the guarantee of the supreme quality of the works we produce. You have to understand that usually a small percentage of plagiarism, namely up to 5% is acceptable. However, some professors and editors of magazines demand 0-1% coincidence, and you, as a client, is typically interested in getting the report that proves that your work is undeniably authentic.

How to Order VIP Plagiarism Detection as Our Customer

If you order bestwritingservice VIP service of plagiarism check, we will proceed with creating a customized payment link that will reflect your requirements. You can choose any number of words to be scanned for authenticity: it can be a lengthy manuscript or a brief excerpt from a particular written piece. You can request an additional plagiarism detection of an essay produced by specialist or your own composition. It does not matter whether you represent an educational establishment, an organization, or you are a freelance author – plagiarism check can be ordered by anyone any time you need it.

What You Gain when Checking Your Work for Plagiarism

Safe Plagiarism-Scanning Process

New clients may have doubts whether it is reasonable to buy VIP additional plagiarism check. Why? Mainly because of privacy issues. You may think that it is not very secure to scan your written text throughout numerous databases and archives. However, we can assure you that an additional plagiarism detection does not store your exclusive work anywhere. It is only temporarily stored in our system before we send you the report.

An Elaborate Plagiarism Detection Against Billions of Internet Pages

Our highly proficient developers cooperatively worked on the creation of authenticity-scanning tool, enabling it to check against a colossal number of web resources. For this reason, the VIP detector is able to find even rare sources and discern even tiniest coincidences. What is interesting, such coincidental analogies might not indicate direct plagiarism – but the equivalent train of thoughts expressed in diverse publications about different themes. However, it is better to eradicate even unintentional coincidences.

Various Instances of Plagiarism

What is more interesting, some clients need to present to their instructors or managers an insignificant level of plagiarism. For instance, academicians know that freshmen rarely produce immaculate original papers as their knowledge has not become advanced yet. In this case, a student-client may order an article where 10% of plagiarism is allowed. Therefore, we produce such an article with 10% of deliberate coincidences, and you further obtain a report that highlights all the levels of plagiarism, all the subsequent links with semi-copied information, etc.

You may also order to check your own paper for similarities, not knowing whether you plagiarized or not. In this case, if you plagiarized significantly, you will be able to see all the plagiarism levels, from the smallest to the highest, represented in different colors. Sometimes, the main cause of plagiarism is wrong citation formatting, so you will see the highlighted paragraph and will be able to correct it simply by putting quotation marks around it.

Plagiarism Levels: Improper, Typical, and Trivial

  1. You will know that it is untenable to hand in your assignment or independently written work for the mass media if the report shows from 50% to 100% of similarities. The explanation behind it can be your inattentiveness regarding in-text citations or failure to produce a diligent work. In any case, such a highly plagiarized text should be rewritten or improved.
  2. If the report shows 30% of coincidences, this work is averagely plagiarized. You should reread it thoughtfully, trying to minimize the plagiarism percentage, preferably to 10%.
  3. From 3% to 0% of plagiarism is considered appropriate. Even if some levels of plagiarism can be explicated or tolerated, it is never the best option to demonstrate a mediocre composition. Hence, you must do your best not to transcend the limit of 7% of resemblances.

Once you order the upgraded plagiarism check via, you will comprehend all the benefits of creative and original writing!

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