VIP Revision Policy: Key Essentials

In the following article, we would like to focus on our unique VIP Revision Policy in detail. Thus, please read each piece of info very carefully.

Is revision necessary or ought it to be avoided? Our professionals always work scrupulously, following all the essential stages of the process of writing. Logically, all the stages comprise brainstorming, conducting research (which is an integral part of academic writing,), outlining the most up-to-date related issues, drafting, editing or proofreading (making the piece of writing polished in reference to context, style, grammar, format, etc.), and, last but not least, revising.

Revision Types Completed by Our Experts

According to our VIP Revision Policy, there are the following types of revision.

  1. Inclusive Revision. The following revision type is a part of the process of writing as a whole. Before the completed work is uploaded into the system, our experts responsible for it immerses in its revision. It implies all the possible corrections, changes or additions of the previously completed content. Consider that it may occur that after the research has been composed, the writer may discover more veritable data, facts, or info, so he or she can make up her mind to include them to the work to make the whole research even more original, comprehensive, as well as interesting. In some instances, after the initial revision made by the writer, the customer may realize that some sentences need revising. This revision is referred to the final representation of the author’s ideas. Thus, it is needed to ensure that the writer has done her or his best when working on the topic indicated. Evidently, a thorough and detailed revision may definitely improve the work, so that the composition can become well-thought-out and readable, thus having the needed tone and following the most appropriate and precise style. The purpose of decent revision is to make the piece of writing comprehensible to the future readers.

This way, only after the revision has been completed by the writer, the work is directed to our Editing Department, where it is thoroughly checked for the contextual issues, typos, formatting errors, spelling or grammar mistakes, etc.

  1. Revision on Request. Usually,the work uploaded remainsthe final version, gaining positive feedback from our customers, who always express their appreciation by making orders at our company. We may not upload an unfinished piece of writing, since it is our responsibility to compose an impeccable masterpiece that has managed to go through different stages and steps of writing, proofreading, and editing. Thus, we always take into consideration our customers’ needs and requirements. However, the following creative work does not show a stable and firm phenomenon. In the majority of cases, business managers, professors, or supervisors provide additional remarks or requirements that ought to be included into your piece of writing. Our company may find out about all the details after the work has already been ready. Usually, our customers ask for revision because of such a reason. It may rarely happen when the work is to be revised by our experts because the customer is not satisfied with it. Regardless of such reason for revision, our experts have not excluded the following service, and we guarantee that the revision will be free of charge if you need your piece of writing to be revised within 48 hours after its completion. Therefore, once you see your paper on your personal profile, you should commence reading it without any delays to understand clearly whether everything is ok or whether the revision is necessary. Moreover, you should pay attention to our revision option as a VIP customer. If you order our VIP package of the services, you will get the possibility to extend the revision time span to about four days! In case you consider that your work should be revised, you should provide our experts with clear recommendations or instructions on how to do this in the most acceptable manner.

Take into account: the additional remarks or requirements should not contradict the initial ones, as you may not request the completion of a new text. In case you have any questions left, please refer to our agents and they will explain to you our Best writing service revision policy in detail.

Our Revision Process: Essentials

Whenever our experts work on revisions set by our customers, they do their best to improve the content or provide the additional essential details within it. It requires extra writing by our writer-experts and proofreading and editing by our editors. As the key goal is to craft a readable piece of writing that reflects all the issues indicated by the customer, Best writing service VIP service and our experts always do all possible to make our customers pleased

  • Typos Eradication

A specialist always utilizes a peculiar method or strategy of checking a piece of writing for possible typos as well as spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Avoidance of repetitions and colloquialisms

Some idioms and slangy words can be applied in some types of academic or creative writing –, literary pieces, informal texts, blogs, fiction, etc. However, colloquial language is not accepted in business or academic writing. It is worth noting that tautology should be avoided in any types of writing, since it only reflects the lack of eloquence, knowledge, as well as the ability to present meaningful and original sentences on paper. 

  • Decent and correct punctuation

What our writers cannot notice, our editors always do, and this idea is directly referred to punctuation. You can be surprised when you will find out that punctuation revision happens very often. In the majority of cases, commas are misused, whereas other punctuation marks, including ellipsis, semi commas, etc, are rarely utilized when needed. Consider that punctuation without flaws makes your piece of writing even more coherent and comprehensible.

  • Quotations Selection

Even whenever the text seems to be perfectly composed at first glance, a scrupulous editor only will observe that some quotations are out of the place. In some cases, citations ought to be replaced with more insightful or relevant ones. Our editors also check whether quotes are better paraphrased than directly cited. Thus, your piece of writing will not be satiated with the abundance of various quotes instead of the clear, vivid and unique examples of your critical thinking.

  • Formatting Revision

It can occur that the text is composed seamlessly, but out of the blue, your teacher indicates that it might have been produced in accordance with the rules of the Harvard and not APA style. This change may not be so radical. Nevertheless, if you do not pay scrupulous attention to the format required, your mark or score could be lowered by your professor.  

  • Making each lengthy paragraph shorter as well as minimizing informal language

Consider that sentences produced by you should be clear and readable. The number of words should not exceed twenty. Being eloquent and laconic does usually not impact even the most creative piece of writing unless it ought to be an intentional avant-garde masterpiece that comprises some figurative language. Yet, long sentences and wordiness can make your paper ambiguous, poorly readable, and clumsy. Thus, unless you craft a bizarre piece of writing, you should look into thesaurus whenever doing writing.

As you see that revision is of great importance and you are well aware of peculiar features of our VIPRevision Policy. Become one of our VIP customers and find out all the secrets of excellent writing! 

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