Five Reasons You Should be Watching Fox’s Lucifer

Attention – this article contains some information that may be perceived as spoilers, but in order to discuss the series, it’s crucial to go into these details. While working on this material I have tried to be very considerate about spoilers, so I think you will encounter only minor spoilers here and there’s actually nothing to worry about. 

I want to talk about the show called Lucifer which is a rather new supernatural series by Fox TV with two seasons out. At first, I watched it alone, but very soon my husband joined me and now we’re enjoying the show together. Now I want to offer you a list of top five reasons why you should take your time to watch it too.

Tom Ellis

This actor has already become a part of many TV programs, but I first saw him last year in a medical series called Rush. That was the show, where he was playing a talented doctor who was fired from the hospital because of his addictions. Eventually, he became a doctor for wealthy celebrities who should pay cash and don’t want any additional questions asked.

An interesting coincidence is that in Rush he had a small convertible, and had the same means of transportation in Lucifer. Maybe that’s a part of the contract? Anyway, Rush and Lucifer both show him as a sexy character whose charm is difficult to resist. I can’t help but to list him as the first reason to watch the show.  

The Dialogue

Dialogues are genius and all of them consider the ancient nature of Lucifer. For instance, when someone uses the expressions that involve “devil”, the main character is always there to correct the interlocutor. When Evangelist says that devil’s world is full of sin, lust and dirt, Lucifer responds that not all of it is his doing and people are pretty skillful at doing some of it themselves. Also, when discussions have phrases which involve God, he’s also always there to comment. For example when someone says “God help us,” Lucifer responds that it’s not likely to happen. Jokes are also quite smart, so when seeing Satanists, Lucifer wonders why he’s affiliated with goats, when he doesn’t even like goat’s cheese.  

Different Look on the Devil

The creators of the show took the original story of the Lucifer from the Bible and expanded it with their own idea, giving a devil the new life so to speak. So, when you encounter mythos, you should be prepared that they won’t look like a mere copy of the holy book’s materials.

According to the narrative Lucifer escaped hell, because he was so tired of his life there and he wanted to take a break from that. Interestingly, the devil isn’t interested in returning to heaven as well and feels quite comfortable here on Earth. And you can easily understand why seeing the wild parties that he enjoys in Los Angeles!

Not Just a Mere Police Procedural

Police procedural is the heart of the show, but it was used only as a framework in order to let the ideas of the series blossom. The main idea behind the story is to show relationships which Lucifer has with characters. Most of the time showcase of these relationships happens while main characters are investigating a murder, which is not a bad thing at all because there’s an interesting touch to it. The thing is that Lucifer completely ignores all standard procedures, which makes policeman crazy! Somehow he gets the job done, but the expressions on policemen’s faces are just priceless.

Interesting Characters

I’m pretty sure that this show has a character for everyone because there are many interesting characters besides Lucifer. For instance, there are three more supernatural characters, without which the show wouldn’t be so cool. They are Amenadiel, Mazikeen and Charlotte Richards. Amenadiel is Lucifer’s brother and he wants to take Lucifer back to his work in Hell. Mazikeen is a demon, who served as a head of torturing department in Hell and now accompanies Lucifer on his trip to Earth. She has little interest in what’s in Lucifer’s heart and just wants to get back home, meaning to Hell, as soon as possible. Charlotte Richards is Lucifer’s mother who also escapes Hell and struggles to fit the modern world.

Other important characters include Dr. Linda Martin and Chloe Decker. Linda Martin is the therapist of Lucifer and it takes her a while to understand who Lucifer really is and even longer to process it. Chloe Decker is a female lead character who plays a detective. At first, she finds it difficult to communicate and use the assistance of the Lucifer, but as time passes she learns to cherish his help. Her ex-husband Dan Espinoza, helps Chloe with her investigations and has a difficult relationship with Lucifer, because of their mutual interest in Chloe. Daughter of Chloe and Dan – Trixie is a little angel, who doesn’t appear in every episode but is very adorable. It’s a pleasure to watch her hugging Lucifer, who feels quite uncomfortable about such expressions of unconditional love.

I think this supernatural show has all chances to become one of your all-time favorites.