Websites That Increase Productivity

Let’s face it – it’s really not easy to be a student. Combining personal life, college activities, and professional growth is very challenging.

Take a look at these websites which can be of great usefulness if you want to succeed in all spheres.

College Info Geek

The website is aimed at battling procrastination which is the key to success in college It is a blog that offers you some procrastination help. College Info Greek is full of tips and pieces of advice on how to study better and more effectively. It’s a perfect way of getting the most out of your college experience.

LinkedIn – a professional social network

Nowadays, this network becomes the first place to look for a job. Both employees and employers use this site. It can help in finding your perfect working position and widening the circle of your professional connections. LinkedIn is amazing in terms of networking and getting to know the right people at the companies you like.


This website represents a service that allows you to solve mathematical and other tasks connected with numbers and computations. It is a stunning math teacher and assistant.

Google Drive

In the modern world, people store information online. Google Drive, for example, offers 15 GB of free storage which is more than enough for an average user (if you don’t want to upload your digital movie collection, of course). Another significant advantage stems from the fact that all the files and documents are easily shareable, making it a great online tool to work on projects together with other people.


Don’t know how to increase productivity at work, home, and during vacations? Pocket offers a great way to stop being distracted, especially when you have found an interesting article, video, or a picture on the internet, but don’t really have time for it. Losing focus can result in some serious productivity issues and time loss. The service allows saving all things you want to watch or read later, when you have time. You can also use Pocket on the phone. It enables offline reading, so you don’t have to worry about the Wi-Fi connection.


It is a simple website/service that allows you to create a poll to decide on a date for an occasion, event, or a meeting.  You can easily send it to others and quickly determine how you can arrange plans.

Tomato Timer

This timer is based on the idea that human attention is not long-lasting, so there always needs to be a short break from time to time. When it comes to doing homework or other things, Tomato timer is a great companion. The usual timing is 25 minutes of work per 5 minutes of break.