What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a final assignment students complete to gain their degrees. However, for many students the answer to the question "what is a dissertation?" remains unclear.

A dissertation, sometimes known as a thesis, is a research project aimed at testing a hypothesis by means of conducting research and presenting findings. Being the final project, a dissertation aims to show knowledge and skills a student has managed to obtain while studying. Students should develop research questions they are interested in and think of the methodology to use to confirm or reject a developed hypothesis. Writing a dissertation, students should show what they have learned in the university including knowledge of the material and writing and research skills.

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Dissertation writing is a lengthy and time-consuming process usually completed within a year. The project involves literature search and analysis, methodology development, and research itself. Writing a dissertation you should be ready to spend days and nights on project writing. However, if you are passionate about your topic, if you want to continue working in this sphere and contribute to its development, your hard work and time will be rewarded.

Research plays a significant role in contemporary life, and if you want to devote your future to the field of studies you are currently in, you should contribute as much time and effort as you can at this stage. 

Dissertation types

You have many options for writing your dissertations. Traditionally, dissertations are divided into two major types, empirical and non-empirical ones.

Empirical dissertations require data collection. In this case, a researcher should develop the instruments of data collection, select the sample, and collect data. A distinguishing feature of empirical dissertations is the adherence to ethical guidelines.

Non-empirical dissertations use the already existing data. These dissertations adhere to the works of other researchers using their findings as the primary data for personal research. The main goal of such dissertations is to critically assess the existing data to confirm or reject these findings.

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Skills required for dissertation writing

Irrespective of the type of the dissertation you have selected, you need to obtain the following skills to successfully complete your project:

  • Identifying a clear question for research in the study area
  • Noticing urgent issues for analysis
  • Conducting literature review and finding appropriate sources related to the problem
  • Assessing research reliability and validity
  • Assessing the evidence from different angles
  • Noticing the smallest details that may affect the flow of the research
  • Drawing substantial and logical conclusions
  • Applying critical thinking and analysis to the obtained information
  • Presenting the outcomes in a convincing and accurate manner
  • Applying research skills to data collection and analysis processes

How long is a dissertation?

The length of a dissertation depends on many factors such as the subject, your study degree, and university requirements. Usually, undergraduate dissertations contain 10,000-12,000 words, Master’s level dissertations have 15,000-25,000 words, and Ph.D. level dissertations contain up to 50,000 words

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Dissertation writing is a time-consuming and effort-taking assignment. Even if students wish to conduct research themselves, they still may want to turn for professional assistance in some parts of dissertation writing. We are the best option for you because we offer a range of services from developing an outline for your research with a detailed description of each stage up to writing the whole dissertation without your direct participation. We are ready to conduct a literature review for you, the most exhausting part of the dissertation, as it requires searching for hundreds of sources, defining the major ideas, and synthesizing and analyzing the data. The value of the dissertation cannot be overestimated because it usually takes up to 70% of your final grade for the course.

Studying hard and possessing significant knowledge of a particular subject, many students still feel uncertain about writing a dissertation. Many of our customers feel they are not qualified enough for dissertation writing. Such feeling is not based on theprofessional knowledge. A person may be highly qualified in the area of study but subject knowledge is not always enough for dissertation writing. That is why we offer top-quality assistance in dissertation writing. We understand that students may have issues in dissertation writing, that is why we offer qualified help. If you feel that you need assistance but you are not sure what specific information or help you require, contact our customer support team who will willingly assist you.

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If you still have no answer to the question "what is a dissertation," you may have to spend a lot of time completing this task. We offer you to focus on the particular knowledge you will need in your future specialization and leave dissertation writing assignments for our qualified writers.

If you think that dissertation writing is limited to analyzing a couple of sources interviewing several people and analyzing the information, your vision of dissertation writing is a bit distorted. The first stage of dissertation writing is developing a clear and concise research question that may be rather complicated until you conduct an extended literature review in the field. It may take time as the literature review may contain up to 50-60 sources particularly related to your topic. Next, you have to analyze critically the information and to define the gap in the existing knowledge. This gap will help you develop your research question. Further, you have to choose the instruments for data collection and sampling strategies that will fit your research question and help you gather the data appropriate for your study.

Data collection is not that difficult while data analysis is a more time-consuming process. Having obtained all the information for your dissertation, you have to write a paper following an outline you have initially developed. However, this is not the end of your torment. Editing and proofreading will take much time as you wish to ensure that your final paper is perfect.

Finally, make sure that your dissertation follows all the guidelines and fits the grading rubric you have. If you are ready to sustain all these disasters you are welcome to check dissertation writing tips and get down to work. If you think that you are not ready to face all the difficulties of dissertation writing, just contact our support team and enjoy a perfectly written dissertation.

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