What to Do to Stop Procrastinating?

Studying with the help of a laptop or computer is not that easy with so many distractions waiting for you to lose focus. Maybe your favorite show is on or some other extremely important issue needs your attention? Below are some procrastination help tips that will assist you in maintaining self-control and focusing on the task itself.

Think of something pleasant as a reward for the completed task.

A good time-off, a movie, or something tasty – all of these represent a very strong motivation for actually finishing the task.

Split the goal into several parts to make it easier.

If the ultimate aim seems too distant and impossible to achieve, the productivity and focus on the main task falls substantially. If you need to do something big and complex, break it down into relatively small tasks that are quite doable. The main purpose of such a division is that it helps you move in the right direction, which is one of the crucial aspects of reaching the overarching goal. 

Do a physical/mental warm-up before starting.

Do a mental exercise or two, read a book or solve a crossword in the morning before you start working, for instance. Physical warm-ups can also reenergize you and get you ready for a great day ahead. Do not hesitate to act and start doing what needs to be done anyway. By trying to postpone the start of the required task, we give our fears a chance to overcome our motivation and focus, subsequently, strengthening procrastination. You might find numerous excuses which will seem convincing, but they will all result in procrastination and lost time.

Consider the alternative options/problems that might arise if you don’t do anything.

Avoid falling into a trap of short-sightedness, like most people, when it comes to big tasks or projects with a loose deadline. Yes, it’s difficult to think about some distant things or time in your life. Procrastination yields nearly instant, yet artificial satisfaction in exchange for a long-term failure to complete the needed tasks in time. However, when you go ahead and try to imagine the worst-case scenario that awaits you if the work is not done. In other words, try to think of something that will let you break away from such a mental trap. Battling with procrastination is surely not an easy task, and requires much effort, desire, and will to start and continue moving in the right direction. However, once you stop procrastinating on a regular basis, you will increase the productivity level and will be able to do much more.