Why Everyone in the Universe Should Watch Downton Abbey

Most likely, you have heard something about this series. You might have read about it in a magazine or it could have been mentioned in your friends' Facebook and Twitter posts. Maybe you have even planned to watch it. But if you still have not seen Downton Abbey and something still stops you from doing that, it is high time to start watching this British show right now!

Netflix has already started streaming Downton Abbey, so you can watch it there. But be ready to give your entire day for that. The show is so interesting that you will want to watch it in one sitting! Downton Abbey tells us about the Crawley family that lives in a manor house in Great Britain. When you watch the show, you will follow the drama both among its owners and among its servants. If you have read Jane Austen's novels, you will see the resemblance – all the events are taking place at the same time, between all dwellers of the house.

Downton Abbey is set in 1912, the year when Titanic sank. This is the event of huge importance at Downton Abbey because the only heir to the land of this family died in the crash. They have three daughters and no son, so they have to identify a new heir. The only option is their distant cousin, Matthew, who works as a country solicitor. He does not have the upper class upbringing, and this is a problem. If it sounds too basic to you, do not feel discouraged.

Good reasons to watch the show

  1. It is Highbrow. In the first seasons, the main issues are the Titanic crash, Marxism, as well as flourishing of the women's rights movement. And, of course, it tells about the Great War (this is how the British call World War II). So you do not only spend a pleasant time while watching the show, but also take a brief history class. Needless to say, you will see all these beautiful costumes and lush interiors and observe complex behaviors of the characters.
  2. It is Lowbrow. Meanwhile, Downton Abbey is rather soapy, too. You will see engagements, as well as disengagements there. You will learn the secrets of all dwellers of Downton Abbey. You will feel like you are watching a very good high-quality show that can be brilliant and tacky at the same time.
  3. Great Heroes. Let us see only a few of the characters so you know what we mean. The Earl of Grantham is a calm and tolerant man. His wife is a fierce woman. Their daughter Sybil is a suffragette. Another daughter Mary, whom you will see the most often in the show, is rather bossy. Carson, their butler, and Miss Hughes, their housekeeper, are pretty much noteworthy, as well! They are all bright in their own manner.
  4. Even Better Villains. Now it is time to take a look at the villains. O'Brien, the maid, is a perfect manipulator. Thomas, her henchman, is a repressed homosexual whose life taught him to cheat. They are friends who will do anything to get what they want. Lady Edith, the middle daughter and Mary's sister, always undermines her sister. But it is more likely that she is misunderstood, instead of evil.
  5. Love Stories. If you think that Downton Abbey is some kind of chick flick, you are wrong. Yes, it has all this love story stuff, but it is so much better than the soaps we are used to. For example, the relationship between Lady Mary and Matthew will remind you of Ross and Rachel from Friends. They go back and forth, off and on – first he is in love with her, but she is not, then it is vice versa, then they fall for each other, but still nothing works... It is classic for a soap opera, but it is done with such a great taste that it will never start annoying you. Another wonderful relationship you will see is between a housemaid Ann and a valet Bates. It is great!
  6. Maggie Smith. If you are still not convinced, this is the reason that will totally break you. Maggie Smith's character is a woman whose superpower is insulting others. Her tongue is sharper than you could ever imagine and her lines immediately turn into quotes. This is something you should definitely see!
  7. It Will Capture You. Somehow, Downton Abbey is an extremely addictive show. Just start watching it, and you will not be able to stop until it is over. The alchemy in Downton Abbey is perfect. Its characters, costumes, dialogues, as well as the drama and the quick pace – everything is done ultimately well. So be ready that as soon as you are done watching an episode, you will want to watch the next one right away.

Now you know the main reasons to start watching Downton Abbey. So if you want to see the greatly elaborated characters, hear the wonderful dialogues, observe the beautiful surrounding, and, at the same time, you do not mind getting addicted, this show is for you. Are you ready? Then it is time to begin!