Why Netflix’s Stranger Things is a Must-See Masterpiece

For years, Netflix produces high-quality content for our daily entertainment. Be it another Marvel superhero or some kind of political drama, one thing is certain - it will hold lots of the viewers on the edge of their chairs for a number of evenings. However, there is hardly a series that will captivate the majority of viewers at once. Up until Stranger Things. Two weeks after uploading to Netflix, this supernatural drama has become one of the best TV shows of the present day.

Let us sort out why this movie is masterpiece


We have got used to soundtracks being recorded mostly by a professional orchestra; however, it is not the case with Stranger Things. Timeframe depicted in the series demands original but simpler synth sound, the same sound that played from every music device back when your parents were going through high school. For them, beeping of an arcade machine and songs as “Africa” by Toto is a kind of nostalgic travel in time, appealing to their inner child. On the other hand, millennial will find this sound interesting and unusual.

Welcome to the nostalgia train

Besides music, everything in Stranger Things refers to those simpler, pre-cell phones times. We get to see kids riding bikes, exploring forests together and not a single selfie is made. These times feel so lost and far away, yet you would kind of wish you could bring them back because everything seems so warm, interesting and...well, nostalgic. In 2017, when every movie company tries to appeal to our nostalgia by producing numerous sequels and reboots, it seems only Netflix managed to make something that really feels like the 80s.


You do not get to know everything beforehand. In fact, a lot of times you would be asking yourself if you have not missed anything, and even at the end of the first season, you will have a lot of questions. Not that it feels raw, the first season, having only eight episodes, has a very obvious beginning, middle and ending. However, the monster and the mystery are depicted in the best way possible - less is more. Directors of the show want you to use your imagination, as it gives everyone their own experience watching Stranger Things. The second season gives a lot of answers while creating, even more, questions and plot openings for years to come.



My personal favorite thing about this TV show is the cast. While you may like or dislike previous roles of Winona Ryder, you will surely like how she as Joyce Byers, a single, despaired, chain-smoking mother is looking for her son. She pulled off this image with such emotion and nervous energy that you cannot help but worry and empathize her. And while her adult co-star David Harbour played another great role of Jim Hopper, the main superstars in Stranger Things are the kids. Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) are as good as kid actors can be. While the general setting of the show is dark and mysterious (find me Netflix series that are not), kids bring a great deal of humor, light and childishness into the story. On the other hand, Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown, while being almost silent, makes us understand everything by only looking at her, which is a hard thing to do for an adult actor, let alone a kid.

Perfect combination

Humor and horror - two pillars of Stranger Things. And while this combination is often seen in rather silly comedy-horror movies, this is not the case. While events and general setting of the mystery are terrifying, sad and mostly awful, the state of being scared changes to laughing and cheering rather easily and naturally, all because of the kids, bullies and comic but very lifelike situations.

Second season

Yes, you may be wondering why I made the second season a standalone entry in the list? Here is why - while the first season was very good, and all of the praising above is written based on it, Stranger Things 2 is astonishing!

A lot of people were skeptical about season 2, and it could be understood - we have a lot of examples when TV shows became worse and even ridiculous with every next season (looking at You, Supernatural), and with such a good start one might think - what could be better? But we were wrong - Stranger Things 2 came out nearly perfect.

Season 2 cast was expanded, but that did not create any confusion because every new member was given a new and interesting plotline. The return of a lost child - Will was somewhat worrisome, because he was off almost whole season 1. However, his weak and fragile character become one of the major plot twists of the season. Steve's evolution from a douche to the hero opened this character from another perspective and already made him a meme amongst fans.

And finally, Eleven. While being isolated from the main group most of the time, she managed to evolve into an even stronger girl, ready to kick some Demogorgon ass with her telekinetic powers. It was not really clear why we needed a plotline with her traveling to her long-lost “sister,” but hey, maybe that is one more unanswered mystery we will face in the upcoming seasons, or, maybe, this was an excuse to give her that “badass” makeover and make her return to the group even more awesome.

Despite having a big amount of plotlines, season 2 got an awesome finale where every single one of those plotlines took its own rightful place and cemented Stranger Things as the most captivating, rich and gorgeous show on Netflix.