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Why Should the Sacred Feminine Be Venerated?

Regardless of the trends of the 21st century, women still suffer discrimination, harassment, workplace sexism, fear of abuse, unequal pay and, consequently, financial insecurity, etc. Mother’s Day is the time of the year when women can feel respect, appreciation and love of their children. So, let’s make our beloved mommies happy on this occasion by sending them flowers and cards. 
Interestingly enough, early cultures used to venerate the sacred feminine and honor women. Women were treated as a powerful source of energy that gives life. Thus, it is vital to approach every woman with deep admiration and even awe. 

How should Mother’s Day be celebrated?

Regardless of the exploitation of women in the workplace and their undervaluation in other spheres of life, it is great to have Mother’s Day, when we all forget about gender differences, since it is the time to pay respects to the women who continue the human race. Mother has always been a key figure in a child’s upbringing. Mother is someone who can’t be replaced with no one else. Therefore, it is very important to make her feel special by making her a special gift on the occasion.

What is the sense of the sacred feminine all about?

Women do not just give birth to children; they also give birth to ideas, thoughts, books, companies, etc. Despite the discrimination in terms of being not thin enough, not smart enough, or not good enough, women are the ones who are able to change the world to be a way better place. The Sacred Feminine is awakening and restoring. Even though this process takes time, it is full of force and potential. Humanity is changing and, consequently, it will come back to the value of Her place at the center. 

Believe it or not, men initially start their lives as ‘female’ until the change of their chromosomes. Thus, it is vital to reconsider the importance of the Mother. Who knows what changes the world will undergo?