Why You Need To Watch Dear White People

Do you want to see a new first-rate Netflix series? Then consider watching Dear White People. Despite what you might think about it, this series is for the people of all genders, socioeconomic statuses and sexual orientations, as well as of all races. Yes, you have read it right – for all races, despite the name. This is a provocative show that touches such topics as cultural appropriation, police brutality, aggression, and so on. But it should not deter you. Let us see why you should start watching Dear White People immediately.

8 Reasons to Watch 'Dear White People'

  • The plot of Dear White People is very thought-provoking. It tells you about the life of students in a fictional college. The campus is predominantly white, so racial tensions come up every now and then. At some point, Sam White, a biracial revolutionary, begins a radio show called Dear White People. This show pisses off white students, perplexing them, as well as black students, who are trying to fit into the white community. However, as Sam keeps on talking about equality, she encounters a lot of issues, including tone-deaf classmates, faculty members who want her to stop, and others.
  • The show makes you reflect on yourself and on the events happening around you. Every episode offers you a new perspective on the things you think you have always known. It does not only cover typical college issues, but also gives you a peek into the inner world of African American students.
  • Dear White People will help you better understand the reason why people of color want to be represented in movies and on television.
  • Watching the show will give you an insight into why many African Americans do not want to date outside their race.
  • The language used in the series is universal. It fits everyone, from those who pursue social justice to those who are still culturally biased. What language is this? This is humor!
  • In Dear White People, African American students are viewed in a way that has not been seen in any other college show (besides A Different World). Even though racism and bias are still present, the students keep on doing what they have to do. They remind all other characters, as well as the audience that one cannot avoid talking about race and social injustice while these issues still exist. And these issues will not be solved until some actions are taken. Food for thought, huh?
  • Dear White People has everything we want from a good series – brilliant actors, interesting plot, unexpected turns, thought-provoking dialogues, and a breathtaking ending.
  • If you are an empathetic, intelligent and curious, Dear White People will certainly appeal to you. So be sure to give it a try and listen to the message the show is conveying to the audience!

What do you think now? Would you like to watch Dear White People now?