Why Watching Outlander Is Very Important

As soon as Outlander decides to find a new home that is situated on W Network, we will surely resort to embracing this amazing program without any hesitations. It is highly recommended for you to get to know certain reasons to to watch this great show.

6 Reasons to watch 'Outlander'

  • The writing

Plots in Outlander are created according to the real historical events. Frankly speaking, most all of them are set in the 18th century. The country in which the film is located is Scotland. As a matter of fact, the viewer can take advantage of an opportunity to admire the episodes that refer to the past. To tell you the truth, this is really enchanting. The plot of the show is mainly based on the books written by Diana Gabaldon that have been bestsellers for a long time. The first season coincides with the first book, in the same way the second season with the second book, etc.

  • Fascinating characters

You need only a few minutes to fall in love with the characters of Outlander. They will undoubtedly grab your attention very quickly. To begin with, Claire is considered to be a woman with a strong will, who is also independent. In fact, she lives in the 18th century world. It must be admitted that Claire is one of the most amazing heroines that make all series of this movie interesting as well as gripping. Thanks to her engrossing play, we see how the historical fiction interchanges with the romance over time.

Another hero of Outlander is Jamie, who can be called a highlander. He is very different from Claire. There is a great contrast between them. Since both of them complement each other absolutely, it’s so absorbing to see how they constantly interact. The most exciting and at the same time frightening situations are those when Jamie reveals his humor and courage. Such episodes of the film are rather enjoyable for its viewers.

Apart from Claire and Jamie, who are believed to be a leading couple in the show, fans like other characters like Dougal, Murtagh, too. For brightening up a TV show, introducing a real Scottish highlander is one of the most effective ideas.

  • The costumes

Taking into consideration the fact that movie is set in the past, a huge attention needs to be paid to the costumes because they will be much more elaborate and different from the ones you see on an average television show. If you belong to those people who find lavish dresses, intricate detail work, beautiful lace amazing, then you will 100% be in fond of the costumes in Outlander.

Can you imagine that even the red coats that are worn by the British soldiers were meticulously and carefully thought out. As a result, you can just get surprised that the actual color is classic enough and accurate to use in this film.

  • The Performances

While watching this show, you will understand that it is full of many fantastic actors as well as actresses. Small or large parts provide viewers with lots of perfect performances. One actor even has two roles in the movie. This is Tobias Menzies. Fans hailed him as one of the most skillful actors that has appeared on the show due to his portrayals.

  • Outlander is critically acclaimed

This show has been the recipients of numerous People’s Choice Awards. In addition, it has been nominated for a few Emmy’s. There has been generated pretty much buzz on the shows where stars get awarded because of Outlander. There is a high possibility that it will proceed with climbing in the minds of a lot of critics.

  • The romance

The romance in this movie can be described with one word and it is unmistakable. We cannot simply deny the chemistry existing between Jamie and Claire. The actors did their best to become successful in conveying the strong connection that their two characters possess. It is possible for the viewers to feel the deep affection they have for one another. Many compliments have been said to this show due to the way it depicts the love story regarding the two main characters. Probably you don’t want to be the one who missed Outlander out. There is something mystic about this film.