Why We Celebrate American Eagle Day

Summer offers us plenty of opportunities to reminisce about the glorious history of the USA and celebrate it with the abundance of holidays. Although the Independence Day steals the show and draws everyone’s attention to July 4, we cannot neglect another holiday, which is equally worth honoring – American Eagle Day.

Brief History Lesson

Back in 1782, the founding fathers of the USA turned an ordinary day of June 20 into what we call now American Eagle Day, for the bald eagle is the focal element of the Great Seal. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that this day was officially considered as national holiday by such renowned people as Dolly Parton, President Bill Clinton, as well as Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and Senators Howard Baker Jr. and Lamar Alexander Jr.

Why Eagle?

Well, it comes without great surprise that the choice of the National Bird was made in favor of the bald eagle, as in the world of fauna it represents such qualities as free will, strong spirit, independence, etc., and if to draw a comparison with the world we live in, that’s what America has been standing for.

Another important quality that is worth mentioning is revival. Not so long ago, bald eagles population was on the verge of becoming extinct, and, unfortunately, we are to be blamed for that, as illegal hunting was at its prime in the 1960s. Nevertheless, we acknowledged our mistakes and did our best to make it possible that now bald eagles are no longer endangered, though they are still being protected as national treasure. So, the unity of people that saved eagles population represents the national values.


On this day, many educational events take place in 49 states. Their purpose is not only to honor the eagles as a national symbol, but also to pay regards to people who are strongly associated with these majestic birds thanks to their wisdom, self-sufficiency and courage.