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Why You Really Need to Watch Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is a great show you should certainly find time to watch. Why? 

9 Reasons why you should watch Once Upon a Time show

  1. Badass Heroines. Emma Swan, the main heroine of the show, is quite a controversial figure who turns out to be the Savior. One day, she suddenly learns that she has to save her home from the Evil Queen who casted the evil curse on everyone. You'll certainly like Emma, this smart and independent woman, as well as other strong heroines, such as Snow White, Mulan, and Red Riding Hood.
  2. Sassy Villains. The villains in the show are great too – they elaborate cunning schemes and have killer fashion sense. Who are they? It's Regina Mills (better known as the Evil Queen) and Mr. Gold (aka Rumplestiltskin).
  3. An Evil Curse. Regina is so evil that she casted an evil spell on everyone in the kingdom. By this spell, all the dwellers got to our world – the world with no magic and no happy endings. Moreover, she even made them forget who they are. What Emma has to do is to break the curse and return everyone to their homes. And, of course, Regina is going to try to do something about it.
  4. Amazing Casting. All the actors chosen for the show are great. They don't only look like the characters of fairy tales. They have all the necessary mannerisms and match perfectly! You should certainly see it!
  5. Fairy-Tales with a Twist. The interesting thing about Once Upon a Time is that it tells you the stories about all the fairy-tale characters. The stories you have no idea about. I'll avoid making any spoilers and let you see it all with your own eyes!
  6. The Best Crossover Ever. There are so many characters from different stories here, that you can't even imagine how cool that is! Do you want to see Sleeping Beauty and Mulan working as a team? Or friendship between Maleficent and the Evil Queen? Then go watch Once Upon a Time!
  7. Magical Lands. You'll see everything here – from dragons and fairies to terrifying creatures. And they all live side by side in this fairy-tale world. Amazing, huh?
  8. The Message. Once Upon a Time has a really strong message. It tells you that no matter what you've already done, there is always something else for you. You can always choose another path. Whether it's a good path Emma chose or the bad path chosen by the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin, it's always your decision.
  9. The Power of True Love. This great show gives us another proof that love triumphs all. It makes us stronger in face of dangers. If it is real, nothing can tear us apart. It all can seem to be a cliché to you, but that's the truth.

So, when are you going to start watching the show?