Why You Should Not Buy The New iPhone XS

All I want to say is that there is no reason for you to purchase the new iPhone XS, especially if you are coming from the X version. The new model does not offer much interesting stuff to warrant the upgrade. And I swear it is not worth the extra thousand dollars. Sure, the Apple iPhone XS is impressive and if you are using the Plus sized models, now it is your chance. But for the rest of people, it would be a much better option to either wait 2019 or buy something else. Here are seven main reasons why you should not buy the iPhone XS.

7 Reasons Not to Buy the iPhone XS

The iPhone XS Is Too Expensive

The new model of Apple iPhone costs $1449! The iPhone XS starts at the price of $999 but the 256GB model is sold for $1149. That is a really expensive purchase. Why would not you buy a new MacBook Air instead, or just save some money?
If you are using an iPhone X, you will still have to pay $500 or more even after trading in your old model. But what is worth saying is that there is just not enough new stuff to justify even spending $500 to buy an Apple iPhone XS. Yes, the CPU is a bit faster, but not that much. The camera specs have been insignificantly improved. And we also have to check whether the smart HDS is going to make a big difference in practice.

You Can Buy An iPhone X Instead

The reason Apple stopped manufacturing the iPhone X is that it is too damn good. They realized that if this model was in the lineup, a $100 cheaper, almost nobody would purchase the iPhone XS. So, if you are now using an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, the best option might be buying an iPhone X instead of iPhone XS. It is almost as good as the new model and it is available on eBay for about $600, in good condition. Just think about it, you will get the same camera setup, Face ID features and almost the same performance so much cheaper!

There Is No Killer Feature

iPhone 6s amazed us with 3D Touch, the 7 Plus model had dual cameras, the X model had Face ID, TrueDepth sensors and OLED display. As for the new iPhone XS, it has no brand new “killer” features. It is nice to have such options as Depth effect editing, Smart HDR and Dual SIM, but these are not revolutionary.

The Old iPhones Are Going to Get Faster, As Well

If you update your old iPhone model to new iOS, you will notice how much the performance increases. I know, Apple says this every time and nobody believes them, but this time it is really so. I have been using the iOS 12 beta for several months and I have actually noticed the performance grow even on the X model. Due to such an update even older devices like iPhone 6 and even iPhone 5s, which is now 5 years old, get faster.

Wait For 2019 Models

As it is known from the name, this was the “S” year of upgrades. This means, there was no new redesign. Actually, Apple used up multiple revolutionary new features in 2017 with the X model. But this means, in 2019 we can expect real upgrades. Apple might work out a new camera system, smaller notch and something even more interesting. So if you are using the 8 Plus or the X model, it makes sense to wait one more year and probably buy the 2019 iPhone.

Consider Buying The iPhone XR Instead

Apple refused the regular iPhone design. Rather than producing one more model with big bezels and home button, they came up with the new XR model. It has got the best features of the XS model, but it is $250 cheaper! There is an LCD display, not the OLED one, a single real camera, software portrait mode, but nothing else changes.
However, it should be mentioned that the XR model will not be available until October 26. If you are using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, and would like to get a brand new model with a big screen and gesture-based interface, but are not ready to pay $1000 to buy it, it makes sense to wait until the iPhone XR is available.

There Is No Fast Charging Or Any Other Amazing Accessories

The new iPhone, which costs thousand dollars, still does not have a fast charging adaptor! And I really do not know how much time the iPhone XS Max’s massive battery will take to charge. Also, there is no Lightning to headphones adaptor, AirPower, as well as the USB C to Lighting cable.

So here are our reasons why you should not buy the Apple iPhone XS. Sure, these arguments will not work for everyone. For instance, if you have an iPhone 6 and you have been saving up and dreaming of a new iPhone model, it makes sense to buy the iPhone XS. If you are using Plus models and have been waiting for the iPhone XS Max, of course you should buy it. But for everyone else, we would recommend to either buy a used X model, wait for the XR one or continue using an old model after the OS upgrade.