How to Write a Hook for an Essay that Would Engage Your Reader? Follow Our Guidelines!

In the world full of essays, articles, novels, short stories, poetry, speeches, and many other papers, it is very difficult to write something new and interesting. Now, when the individual has access to tons of information, how to keep their interest? The answer is simple – you should know how to write a hook for an essay. Writing a hook is a must if you want to grab the attention of your audience. No matter if you are an experienced writer or just a beginner, you should not underestimate its importance. Basically, a hook is the main reason for a reader to keep reading your essay and enjoy. The experienced writers know that a hook is something that engages the audience allowing the readers to follow each writer`s word. Given their importance, hooks are usually written at the very beginning of the essay. They are often pretty short but intriguing and thought-provoking. The main goal of the hook is to entice the readers to read more. Let`s have a closer look at why the hook is important and how to write a hook for an essay.

What Is a Hook for an Essay?

If you like reading, you probably noticed that the writers start their works with some interesting facts, sad statistics, famous quotes, etc. Have you ever wondered why do they do that? To make you read their work. If you get bored with the very first lines, you will probably put the paper away and forget about it in a second. In order to avoid it, the writers do their best to start their papers in an attractive way, which is called a hook.

A hook is a statement that is often written in one-two sentences that should make the reader interested in the essay. You may wonder “Is there a hook in every paper?” Yes. If the writer takes care of his or her audience, they will invent a way to engage it. A hook always appears in an introduction because it has to lure the reader making them learn more. In the longer documents such as novels, screenplays, and stories a hook is usually involved in the title or the opening scenes. Without a hook, you won`t be able to burn the interest in your readers and they will simply put your essay away.

Can the hook be longer than one-two sentences? No. It is accepted by the reputed scholars that a hook should be pretty short but maximally informative. Violating the rules accepted in academic writing, you won`t be able to get the anticipated result. If you want to be a good writer and get good grades for your paper you should know what is a hook and how to write it.

Before we familiarize you with the key types of hooks, let us introduce the key points that should be considered by the students:

  • You need to have a clear vision of what you are going to write in your essay. Of course, without knowing the topic and the points you are going to discuss in your essay, you won`t be able to create an impressive hook. As such, we highly recommend you to brainstorm your ideas before you start writing your hook;
  • What is more, it is critically important to know the type of essay you are going to write. Argumentative, descriptive, narrative, or definition essays require different types of hooks. For example, you may start your memoir essay as follows “It was the day when I learned about my husband`s affair.” When writing an argumentative essay about the use of medical marijuana, you may write “There is no evidence that marijuana may cause deaths.”
  • Begin your writing process by creating an outline. An outline allows the writer to structure the thoughts and ideas better and understand what points are worth highlighting. Knowing what issues you will analyze in your paper, you will be able to make your hook effective;
  • Understand the needs of your audience. If you know who are you waiting for, you will be able to create your hook easier. For instance, if you are writing your essay for children, write a hook that will be interesting for children. If you are writing a speech for the people ignoring the problem of global warming, you may include a shocking statistics that would make them reconsider their beliefs. Either way, your hook should be audience-oriented;
  • Understand your goal as a writer. If you are writing an interesting article in your online blog, it will be totally different than the essay you will need to submit to your professor. As such, you should clearly understand why you are writing this essay because this understanding will help you make up an appropriate hook.

Concluding Hooks. Are They Appropriate?

Some researchers emphasize the importance of the concluding hooks. Of course, it would be great if you could refer to the hook once again in your conclusion. Some students may even want to write a hook in the conclusion as well. Well, it is possible to do. However, in conclusion, a hook will play a totally different role. If you want to write a hook in a conclusion, you should think about what questions have left unanswered and try to address them. If you finalize your essay with some thought-provoking statement, you will definitely succeed. Get your audience hooked and they will look for other essays written by you.

For the introduction, writing a hook is easier. You may include a quote, a fact, or statistics that will intrigue your reader. A conclusion, on the contrary, should not introduce any new information. A concluding hook should be rather a call for action or encouragement to study your topic further. In order to inform your reader that you are finishing your essay, you may use the words “All in all,” “To summarize,” “in conclusion,” etc. If you want to write an essay that would bring you the expected grade, you should do your best to write a powerful introduction and conclusion.

If you are ready to implement our suggestions into practice, do not waste your time and start working on your paper. Even if you feel that you are not able to write great hooks, do not panic! Practice makes perfect and we assure you that you will polish your hook writing skills with every new essay.

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