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Writing a Critical Essay

A critical essay is based on the assumption that you can summarize and analyze a reading, a work of art, or anything else. Of course, the success of each critical essay depends on whether the student has sufficient critical thinking skills. If you are one of those few who cannot think critically, then writing a critical lens essay will be a real torture for you. Present-day professors expect that graduate students will present an in-depth understanding of the topic, subject, and argument they intend to describe in their paper. A critical essay does not have to do anything with criticism. It is about critique, and this is the key problem.

So, to produce a brilliant critical analysis essay, you have to use academic tone and be reasonable in your judgments. Do not insult. Do not attack anyone. Do not judge or abuse other people. Make sure that you have a solid rationale behind your arguments. Make sure that you can prove your point.

Critical Essay Writing

As you are starting to work on your critical essay, follow the recommendations below:

  • Evaluate the work you are going to describe in your paper
  • Use evidence to make judgments and support your criticism
  • Don't be subjective or prejudiced. Avoid bias
  • Use the assumptions and opinions expressed by experts in the field

Structuring Your Essay

What is a critical essay? It is a piece of academic writing that must be structured properly:

  • Summarize the key theme or point of the work you are analyzing. Here, deliver the message conveyed by the author. List the most valuable aspects of the work that support this message. Cite the methods and instruments used by the author to make his or her message appealing.
  • Evaluate and analyze the work you are discussing. Here, you will have to apply to facts. Be relevant and avoid bias. Analyze how logical and consistent the author is in his or her judgments. Compare the work to other similar works or, if possible, to the standards accepted in the field or profession.

 Below are just some of the many topics you can use for your critical essay:

  • The role of modern art in the 21st century
  • Interest groups as the instrument for advancing freedom of political choice
  • Shakespeare' novels and their implications for present-day society 
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