Writing Assignments & Essay Papers

When writing an assignment or an essay, the author, preferably, should give a new insight into the subject matter.
However, every assignment or essay is different and some simply require the student to demonstrate their own understanding of a topic.

A succinct form of thesis essay will enable the reader to have an overview of the subject matter and if carefully written, this will be delivered as a concise collection of thought and ideas that are easy for the reader to understand.
That said, any argument put forward in a paper of this sort should begin with a statement that provides an overview of the entire essay.

What the author or student must also do is adequate research into the topic.
Make good use of your sources and introduce your main ideas early in the composition.
It is also important to ensure that whatever tense you choose to start the essay continues throughout.
Unless it is specifically a personal report, you should use the third person.

Make good use too of quotes.
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An assignment or essay should offer a viewpoint that differs from those gone before as this will engage your reader.
For instance, if you’re asked to write a piece about a certain person, try to introduce some new information about that person that has never been written about before.

If you have to write about a significant event in history, try to bring a new perspective to the piece which will initiate debate.
Don’t hesitate to offer an opinion; just ensure that you’ve thoroughly researched the subject and have valid opinions that you can substantiate.

Analysis may be considered the most important characteristic of a critical essay.
If your essay is well constructed and provides new information or opinions, you’ll have your reader’s attention.
Don’t forget to conclude with a paragraph that sums up all the information in the piece.
In addition, check and double check your grammar and spelling.
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