Writing Economics Essays

As you are entering a new college or university, you quickly realize that each economics essay you write will have considerable effects on your final grade. You must possess exemplary writing skills to produce superior economics essays. This is the only way you can avoid academic troubles. At the same time, it is never too late to update your writing skills. Start now to learn how to develop an awesome economics essay.

8 Steps for Writing a Perfect Economics Essay

Step 1:    Read the topics and the question to be answered in your economic essays. You can write on different economics essay topics, but do not forget to follow your teacher's instructions.

Step 2:    If the question contains more than one component, consider each separately. Do not forget about the length requirements. Do not exceed the word count for your paper.

Step 3:    Now it is time to outline the content and evidence you want to include in your paper. Keywords could be a useful thing, as you are looking for the most valuable information.

Step 4:    Any economic essay can be a success, if you remember about the so-called command words and sentences. To make it real, read thoroughly the task and topic and underline the most meaningful words. Use them to guide the writing process.

Step 5:    Do not underestimate the significance of theoretical information. Use economic theory to justify your practice recommendations and decisions.

Step 6:    Among numerous economic theories you learn in the classroom, choose the one which best suits the content of your paper.

Step 7:    If the number of economic theories you want to use in your paper is very high, you may face difficult times choosing the most relevant one. Try to prioritize among them and see which one provides the best explanation to the economic phenomenon you are describing in your paper.

Step 8:   Finally, integrate the concepts and theories you choose into a coherent piece of writing. Develop an introduction, a body containing several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Include graphs and tables. See the example below.

Question for the Economics Essay

How will the emergence of the new Chinese economic power influence the position of other Asian economies in the world?


In the introduction of your economics essay, set the stage for your discussion. Define the terms and their meanings. Review the theories you are going to use to explain your point. Present your opinion and judgment. Fascinate the reader. Persuade your audience that they should read your paper.


In the body of your paper, elaborate on the key points you presented in the introduction. The body must include several paragraphs, each devoted to a discussion of a single idea. Use topic sentences to introduce the idea you are going to discuss in each paragraph. Use as much evidence, statistics, and empirical findings as you can to make a compelling argument. Draw credible data from peer-reviewed economics articles. Include sentence transitions. Make sure your argument is logical and flows smoothly from one idea to another.


You can either summarize the contents of your paper or you can include an analysis of the economic issue and its implications for the future of the world economy.