YouTube Channels to Prepare You for the Exams

Who said you can only use YouTube to watch funny videos? Actually, YouTube has lots of amazing channels that you can use for studying. In fact, channels like TED arguably have more useful information than your study books, because TED speakers only have 10 to 20 minutes to explain their long-year studies or experiences in a concise manner and easy-to-understand language. Using YouTube to prepare for exams is not something that most of the students do, but it is a great way to put your time to a good use when you don’t want to prepare for exams in a usual way. The best thing about it is that in some cases it can benefit you even more than ordinary preparation. Here are top 7 YouTube channels that you need to watch when preparing for the exams!


Michael Stevens is the genius mind behind the Vsauce YouTube channel. This Internet science rock-star creates and uploads mind-blowing videos that can be of use not just for students but for all kinds of open-minded people as well. Topics range from “Artificial Intelligence” to “Dinosaurs,” Channel is being regularly updated with new videos.

Crash Course

This YouTube channel was founded by the outstanding Vlogbrothers, and it’s one of our favorite channels. It covers subjects like Physics, History, Literature, Chemistry and many more! If that channel can’t help you with your studies, then we have no idea what can.


Aside from the official TED Talk channel, you can also watch TED-Ed channel. This channel provides its viewers with short lessons on different subjects. These video are not as fun as Zoella, but they will definitely help you to get ahead in your Science and English lessons.


This is a YouTube channel that is completely dedicated to science. It has interviews with scientists, interesting experiments and all sorts of data that can help you to understand science better. Think about suggesting some of Veritasium demonstrations to your teacher.


In case you’re actively seeking a remedy for your lack of knowledge in math, then Tecmath is definitely what you are looking for. The description of the channel says it best “methods to make maths easier.” What else could you ask for?  

It’s History 

While History is interesting, there are few fun ways of learning it. One of them is to watch History channel. It can offer you a lot of useful information on important historical eras and topics, such as The Industrial Revolution and The Cold War. Watch this channel and get great grades in all your future history exams!

How to Adult

Preparing for exams is useful and important, but there are a lot of things that exams can’t prepare you for, like doing laundry or cooking. That’s what “How to Adult” channel is for. Believe us, becoming an adult is not easy and you’d better prepare for it too.

Good luck with your exams and may the power of YouTube be with you!